Why now’s the time to try craft beer

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Attention non-beer drinkers: summer in Indiana means it’s hot, humid and sticky, and craft breweries are switching out the heavy, dark beers for light and refreshing thirst-quenches. So put down the Bud Light and read about these new options that any beer drinker will enjoy.

Summer beers

Summer beers

Think about it like this – we tend to eat heavy, warm meals in the winter to keep our bodies warm. In the summer we eat cool salads and icey treats to cool the body off from the hot sun. Beer is also seasonal, and right now is the best time to try new beers if you’ve been weary of the dark pints you see in the winter.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good Old Rasputin Imperial Stout at any time of the year. But if it is 90 degrees outside with weeks of no rain the thoughts of drinking a brew that leaves a thick aftertaste in my mouth isn’t always the most pleasing. Thankfully craft breweries understand this too and therefore switch up their winter ales for belgian styles and saisons, pilsners, lagers and kolsch style beers.

It’s also means that you should introduce your Budweiser friends to craft beer because the taste of these summer ales will be similar to what they’re used to. “Similar” is a strong word, but you get the point…

Here’s a quick list of what I’m drinking this summer:

  • Schlafly’s Kolsch
  • Goose Island Summertime
  • Sun King Brewing’s Popcorn Pilsner
  • Bier Brewery’s Good Pils
  • New Belgium’s Sommersault Ale

This IS something else that’s pretty refreshing, like beer infused ice cream. Just sayin’.


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  • Wade

    Making me thirsty!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrs.mullins Tamre Mullins

    I could drink Abita Strawberry Lager everyday the temps are over 90 degrees. Great list and I’ll be marking them off my must drink beers!