Top 5 Food Magazines to Subscribe to

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These five magazines are so good I’m willing to subscribe to them in the mail, each giving me a different perspective on food.

I’ve always loved magazines – the glossy pages, advertisements, bright colors with a splash of texts and excerpts. These food magazines are chock full of recipes, tips, seasonal issues, gardening help and info on the newest tools and gadgets.

Top 5 Food Magazine

Top 5 Food Magazine

Food Network Magazine – It’s only been on the stands for less than a few years but it’s my #1 food magazine favorite. Monthly issues are typically HUGE with a wide variety of recipes that cover all kinds of cooking methods, ethnicities and difficulty levels. I like the weekend cooking section because the recipes are lengthy and require more time and effort than the the majority of meals and therefore provide a challenge, but depending on how busy I am I’m not always up for long cook times. To counteract, Food Network Magazine offers a large weekday section of quick dishes that clock in under the hour and are usually ten ingredients or less. I also love the variety of food options and the versatility of the ingredients they suggest.

Food & Wine – This magazine is more about reading and enjoying the history and culture behind food than recipes, however there are recipes incorporated into the magazine’s features. There are highlights of the worlds greatest chefs, tips on which new restaurants to try and discussions on new methods and ingredients, such as gluten-free foods and using crazy ingredients in everyday ways. You can learn a lot from this magazine but it may intimidate beginning foodie’s who need to focus on the basics.

DRAFT – Beer beer beer beer beer. And more beer. Draft is the best place to read about new breweries, brews and ways to incorporate beer into cooking. Some of their most recent intriguing articles include pairing beer with cake and pizza with beer, a no-brainer right? You can also spend a great deal of time reading about the process of brewing beer. Maybe you’ll get inspired to brew your OWN beer, or at least pick up a different 6-pack at the liquor store to jolt your taste buds.

Every Day with Rachel Ray - Say what you want about Rachel Ray, but ask yourself this – have you watched any of her newest shows within the past year or read one of her new cookbooks? Rachel Ray has evolved a lot since 30 minute meals, offering ways to make a week’s worth of dinner in an evening, use exotic ingredients like miso paste and saffron, and work in the not-so-traditional with easy techniques that can be accomplished at home. Yes, she still says EVOO, but who gives a crap if it tastes good. And when you read a magazine you can just skip all those parts and look at the mouth-watering pictures.

Bon Appetit – I bought this off a Groupon of $10 for a subscription. To me, Bon Appetit is similar to Food & Wine, a not-so-beginner magazine for the accomplished home cook with goals and dreams… but in reality there’s a lot of oomph to this tiny mailer. There’s more entertaining menus and style in this magazine than any of the above, possibly symbolizing the french name and emphasizing that culture and lifestyle.

What’s in YOUR mailbox?


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  • Jenny Wingler

    I love the recommendation of The Food Network Magazine! I’m gonna have to ask for this one as a gift! One that I really loved that you might check out sometime is Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food. It’s just tons of tips and recipes minus the articles. I LOVE IT!

    • solidgoldeats

      Thanks Jenny! I get Everyday Food as a hand-me-down from my mom, as well as Real Simple (which I drool over)

      • Jenny Wingler

        That’s funny! My mom gets my hand-me-downs of Real Simple! :) I wish I had more time to actually sit down and read magazines these days. I find myself marking recipes to try, but then I never seem to have the time to get to them. :(