Three Blind Mice Indy takes grilled cheese to a new level

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John is the grilled cheese-er in this house. I always have him make them, as for some reason mine just never live up to his. So naturally, when we received an invite for a private tasting of a potential new food truck called Three Blind Mice Indy, we RSVP’d in seconds.

I must preface this blog by saying that John and I are friends with David and Michael, the two who are spearheading this gooey initiative, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting a sugar coated review. All words here were hard-earned with blood, sweat and cheese.

Now, it’s not to say that I was worried about this private tasting, but due to my food allergies, I always get a little hesitant and think “oh crap, I forgot to tell someone about my pistachio/cashew/pine nut allergy.” It even causes Tamre to worry, as she found out where the closest emergency clinic was to the Cerulean Neighborhood Dinner in case I had an allergic reaction to something. Good thing my friends are more proactive than me.

And as far as grilled cheeses go, I’m… particular. Ask John. He puts about half as much cheese on my sandwiches than what he gives himself. He makes an amazing grilled cheese sandwich.

Those two things aside, I was ready for this event. Armed with my Canon, phone and empty stomach, we readied ourselves for what Three Blind Mice Indy was going to share with us.

Onto the food.

Bread from Amelia's Bakery

This is quality grilled cheese. Grilled cheese at its finest.

Each of the four sandwiches we tasted were made with sturdy bread freshly baked from Amelia’s Bakery, local to Indianapolis. I’ve never tried their bread, but I HEARD about it. And when you hear about bread, you know you’re hearing something good.

Armed with survey, pen and napkin, we sat down and awaited the food. (Oh, and a homebrewed beer that was super good).

First up was The Original – Cheddar with Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb Butter.

The Original

This was perfect in so many ways. As I mentioned earlier, my “issue” with gooeyness made me worry that I wouldn’t like the meal. This was JUST the right amount of cheese for me. Here you can see the crusty pieces of cheese that fell off the sides of the bread, an unintentional blessing in disguise. Crunchy bread is softened with the garlic herb butter that leaves the taste but not the greasy feeling of being slathered in butter and slapped onto a grill pan.

But, I must be honest with you.

The soup stole the show.

For me, at least. I don’t eat tomato soup. Ever. Not Campbells, not Panera’s, nobody’s. It goes back to this weird relationship of how I love ketchup and hate tomatoes. Whatever. So naturally, I sensed another clench when I heard there would be tomato soup.

This is no ordinary tomato soup. Three Blind Mice Indy’s Creamy Basil Tomato Soup is now my favorite soup. How could that happen? I’m sure it’s the perfect combination of cream, butter and god knows what else. Who cares.

After 5 bowls of soup I stopped counting.

Next up was Dad’s Grilled Cheese, aka what Michael feeds his kids when they want a grilled cheese. American is one of my favorite cheese for sandwiches when you don’t want something to overshadow your sandwich, like a sharp cheddar. Again, great amount of cheese for me and the bread is still crunchy and sturdy.

Dad's Grilled Cheese

(Can’t forget to mention that David and Michael were great hosts. Both of them are funny and genuinely nice people to be with, and it was a great time hanging out with them, listening to stories about their plans for Three Blind Mice Indy, and talking with their friends and family while they cooked us delicious food.)

Dad's Grilled Cheese

Following The Original and Dad’s Grilled Cheese was The Provo.

The Provo

The Provo is provolone cheese with a pesto-like butter. I must not have been the only one with an allergy in the room because David made it known that is wasn’t a pesto with nuts because some people have allergies. Awesome! Grilled cheese with pesto is a must from now on, and I’m going to have to figure out how I (John) can remake it at home.

(Insert 2 more bowls of soup consumed here.)

The last of the four sandwiches was The Stepchild, with parmesan cheese and a roasted red pepper butter. John says this was his favorite, and that dipping the sandwich into the tomato soup kind of tasted like pizza because of the flavors. I’ve never had a grilled cheese made with parmesan, and I think that the butter was key in balancing out the prominent flavors of the cheese.

The Stepchild

Overall, I very much enjoyed this grilled cheese tastings (hence the multiple bowls or soups and what seemed like endless squares of sandwiches coming out of the kitchen) and I am excited to watch Three Blind Mice Indy grow. The flavors weren’t over the top and I thoroughly enjoyed everything they offered. And then there’s the issue of cheese – I can’t stress enough how happy I was with the amount of cheese on the sandwich. Some people may want more, in which case they may offer a double or extra cheese option.

For more information about Three Blind Mice Indy, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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  • Kalamity Kelli

    Mmmmmm…..I love grilled cheese and it is my daughter who is the maker in our lives. Except now she doesn’t live with us so I have to wait around for one. I wish WE had a grilled cheese restaurant here!

    • solidgoldeats

      I can’t wait for this truck to get up and running. Maybe you need to start one yourself!!