Brussels Sprouts with Dried Cranberries and Roasted Garlic

Brussels Sprouts with Dried Cranberries and Roasted Garlic -- Solid Gold Eats

Brussels Sprouts are roasted and tossed with dried cranberries and roasted garlic for a sweet and savory side dish. Brussels sprouts are beautiful things. Green, leafy and crunchy, they’re mysterious. Yes, brussels sprouts are a child’s worst nightmare. Brussels sprouts, yuck! Why? Probably because they’re green, leafy, crunchy and often bitter if not dressed to […]

Roasted Green Beans, Mushrooms and Garlic with an Asian-Inspired Sauce

Roasted green beans, mushrooms and garlic with an asian-inspired sauce

Sometimes I just need a light dinner. Nothing that takes more than 20 minutes to prepare and can be made with less than 5 ingredients. I mean, I love to cook, don’t get me wrong, but cooking doing have to be defined by elaborate dishes with dozens of ingredients and hours of prep-work. Heck, it […]

Vegan Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

Vegan Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

Pancakes have become a vehicle for adding fresh fruit into a savory dinner. We just recently made Grilled Hawaiian Pizza (which even has pieces of grilled pineapple on it), and these pancakes are a variation on the almond milk pancakes with maple roasted strawberries. Eggs are rarely found in our house. Neither John nor I eat […]

Roasted Citrus and Dill Potatoes

Roasted Citrus and Dill Potatoes on

Roasted potatoes are fast and filling, but far too often we leave them untouched and boring. In this recipe, citrus and dill come to the rescue. Dill is one of my favorite herbs. I always use it in tuna salad, because my mom used it. That’s how I discovered it. Now I use dill on […]

Take the Pledge for US VegWeek 2013!

Sign up for US Veg Week April 22-28

April 22 – 28 is US VegWeek 2013, an opportunity for individuals, families, organizations or whomever to pledge that their meals will be meat-free for the entire week. I just signed up, and you should too! Why should you pledge to eat meat-free? Well, lots of reason. Health, happiness, the key to living long… or […]

Roasted Brown Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar Carrots

Roasted Brown Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar Carrots

Carrots, oh how I love carrots. Especially when they’re roasted on a baking sheet, either with a medley of vegetable friends or by themselves. This dressing is perfect for carrots but also great for potatoes, onions, asparagus and practically anything growing from the ground that you’d want to roast and eat. Carrots are one of […]