If you’re interested in working with Solid Gold Eats through product reviews or advertising, please contact me at solidgoldeats@gmail.com. All relationships will be openly disclosed.

Here are projects I’m interested in:

  • Cookbook reviews and giveaways
  • Product reviews and giveaways
  • Recipe development

Recent sponsor projects

Publishers Morrow Cookbooks selected Solid Gold Eats for their Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches #SeriousSandwich Cookalong Project for the month of October 2012 (Kicked-Up Sandwiches was released October 16, 2012)

Posts I wrote for the #SeriousSandwich Cookalong project:

Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum used in Privateer Punch
Taste testing Just Pop In’s Pick Your Pop Flavor Challenge

Giveaway partners

Follow http://solidgoldeats.com/category/giveaway to see what giveaways I’ve done for tickets, cookbooks, restaurant and grocery store gift cards.

Recipe Development

I work with producers, restaurants, media partners and others to provide recipes for their website, social media and marketing efforts. Visit http://solidgoldeats.com/recipe-development/ for more information.


I’m open to working with advertisers that fit the mission of Solid Gold Eats. I may decline any opportunity that I do not think fits the mission or aligns with the audience of Solid Gold Eats. For information about advertising opportunities in the sidebars, footers or headers of SolidGoldEats.com, email solidgoldeats@gmail.com.

FTC Disclosure

Unless otherwise stated, all content and reviews on Solid Gold Eats are written based on my own experiences and I do not receive pay or incentive by advertisers, publishers or manufacturers. I enjoy sharing information about products that hold up to their advertising when used, but I do not proactively look to shed negative light onto a brand. This is a happy place.
If I have received a product for purposes of testing or review, that fact will be noted as a disclaimer in the review post. My full intention is to be transparent with my readers. 
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