SGE Experience: Another Broken Egg Cafe

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Oh, the joys of breakfast. Do you have a favorite breakfast dish? Whatever it is, close your eyes and picture it. Think about what it tastes like. See yourself taking a bite into the dish. Then imagine the perfect diner where you’re sitting, enjoying your breakfast.

That’s what Another Broken Egg Cafe has brought to the north side of Indianapolis. Your favorite breakfast dish, in a diner atmosphere, with a little twist.

I, along with 15 other lovely Yelp Elites, visited Another Broken Egg Cafe last week for a makeshift brinner. The cafe is only open from 7:00 am – 2:00 pm, but they kindly opened their doors to us so we could learn about the restaurant and the menu.

Remember that perfect diner atmosphere I asked you to imagine? Yellow and burnt red walls liven up the restaurant, making it feel like no matter what state of mind you’re in, you’re happy. Yellow and happy. But instead of neon signs saying OPEN, this cafe has walls adorned with photos and paintings that make you feel right at home.

Now, onto the food.

We started with two different appetizer plates to share with the group. The one closest to me were the Biscuit Beignets, warm and covered in sweet powdered sugar, and paired with a honey marmalade for dipping. These beignets had a nice crust for the outer layer, protecting an air pocket of soft, warm dough. I loved how when I picked one off of the communal plate and put it onto mine, powdered sugar just kept spilling off of it.

The lesson here? Another Broken Egg Cafe doesn’t skimp out on powdered sugar.

Biscuit Beignets at Another Broken Egg Cafe

About the time we were presented with the beignets, they brought out samples of their Bloody Mary’s, made with Fuzzy Zoeller’s vodka. I’m not normally a Bloody Mary person, but these were sweet and very generous of the restaurant. We downed them with Proescco and pickled okra.

Bloody Marys and Pickled Okra at Another Broken Egg Cafe

The other appetizer was a dish of baked brie with apples, pecans and raisins sautéed in Grand Marnier butter sauce. Pieces of toasted French bread accompanied the brie for easy dipping and sharing. I’m not a big brie fan, but I did taste it (you know, Grand Marnier butter sauce has a way of persuading you), and it was delicious.

And, this picture won me two tickets to the Celebrity Softball Game at Victory Field on June 13. Hooray!

Baked Brie at Another Broken Egg Cafe

While I was enjoying the conversation, appetizers and drinks, I was mulling over the menu, trying to figure out what I would order. The cafe gave us a simplified menu to order off of (totally understandable, they opened their doors late for us), and it held a mix of savory and sweet options. I could dismiss the sweet options pretty easily – you all know I’m not one a big fan of sweets for dinner. That didn’t stop me from eyeing the sweets that others ordered, though!

It came down to two options – Shrimp n’ Grits or Simply Salmon. The cheesy grits held shrimp and andouille sausage, red peppers and onions, while the salmon had a southwestern seasoning and wilted greens. It was a tough choice, but I had to pick the salmon. I don’t cook it at home because John’s not a fan of it, so when I see salmon on the menu of a restaurant, I usually go for it.

I’m glad I picked it.

The jicama slaw provided crunch and texture that favors the smooth salmon. I’m not sure what was in the southwestern seasoning, but after a few bites I really didn’t care. All that mattered was how delicious it was. The wilted greens were warm and mixed with peppers and onions. While the plate looked huge, the entree was surprisingly light.

Southwestern salmon at Another Broken Egg Cafe

I really enjoyed my visit to Another Broken Egg Cafe and I can’t wait to order other items on their menu! They were quite generous to treat us Yelp Elites to breakfast for dinner. If your city has Yelp, sign up and start writing reviews of the places you go to. Check in, leave tips and share photos – a combination of these things may win you a ticket to a Yelp Elite event!

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