Second Annual Indy Burger Battle for Building Tomorrow

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Burgers are John’s favorite food. Really, after all of the things I have cooked for him, the man could survive on eating a burger a day and be 100% satisfied with his life. I don’t know what it is about the way beef comes together in a patty that makes him swoon, but I know the way to his heart is through a burger.

Indianapolis is bursting with burger restaurants, and the Second Annual Indy Burger Battle benefitting Building Tomorrow is an event that no burger lover will want to miss. They reached out to me a few months ago about being a celebrity judge and I could not refuse a chance to try the best of the best burgers that Indy has to offer.

What can you expect to taste? Last year’s burger submissions included:

  • Black bean burger with guacamole, lettuce, tomato and onion from Chatham Tap
  • Jim Beam honey BBQ sauce burger with cheese and the fixings from Stacked Pickle
  • Half pound grilled burger topped with pulled BBQ rib meat and fried onion curls from Weber Grill

Second Annual Indy Burger Battle Benefitting Building Tomorrow - Solid Gold Eats

Is your mouth watering yet? If my keyboard stops working it’s because I may have drooled all over it.

Here are the details you need to know if you are interested in attending this awesome event:

WHEN: Saturday, August 2 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM (Voting ends at 3:30 PM)

WHERE: The Rathskeller Biergarten (401 E Michigan St)

TICKETS: $25 online, $30 at the door if available, $15 vegetarian option (full-size veggie burger for those non-meat eaters out there) – purchase here:

WHY: All proceeds benefit Building Tomorrow, an Indianapolis based nonprofit that supports the development of school-centric communities through the construction of community-built primary schools and the training and capacity building of local school management teams.

This year’s challengers include:

But that’s not all!

As a judge for this contest, I want to hear what qualities you look for in a great burger. Juicy meat but no soggy bun? Creativity of condiments? Or do you stay traditional with lettuce, tomato and cheese?

One Indy burger lover will win TWO tickets to the Indy Burger Battle by answering that question and by entering via the Rafflecopter below. I’ll choose a winner on Tuesday, July 22 and will notify you through the email you provide. Good luck!

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  • Ashlee Aleshire-Ash

    Alright, seriously Sara? You’ve got me drooling over here. A lot.

    Alright, what do I look for in a burger? Definitely juiciness–you don’t want a cardboard meat patty residing on your bun. Flavor is a must. I like to see the use of interesting spices to flavor the meat. Honestly? I could stop there and be a happy camper, but I also like toppings. I don’t like to see more topping than meat, but I do like something that complements my burger’s flavor. Mostly, focus on the burger. It’s what we’re all here for. Because burgers = mmmmmm….

  • Ann-Marie Rohe

    Um, as long as I barely see any pink, that’s the only quality I look for. Although a good (crispy) bacon-cheddar is usually my go-to. And I’ve NEVER heard of the Indy Burger Battle! Tx!

  • Michelle Weber

    BACON! BACON! BACON!…and maybe CHEESE!!!

  • Lenze

    I love a good burger (ask anyone that eats out with me!) I love a good med-well burger with lettuce, red onions, pickles with ketchup, mustard and mayo (or thousand island dressing if the 3 condiments are not available). Yum!

  • Trena

    Oh, I’m with John. I could live on burgers! I prefer thin patties over really thick, I like the bun to be grilled. Cheddar, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, and pickles are my go-to, although the jalapeño, cheddar, peanut butter, bacon combo I had at Scotty’s was surprisingly delicious!

  • Twinkle VanWinkle

    BURGERS! I love burgers, all shapes, sizes and ingredients. And eating them in support of a good cause? Definitely!

  • Eternal Lizdom

    Juicy meat that is cooked right (meaning exactly medium rare – medium at the most). And seasoned well. I’ve had burgers that are cooked perfectly but not seasoned so they end up just blah. Then the additional ingredients can’t outshine the burger! otherwise it comes across as ingredients covering up a cruddy burger.

  • Hoosier Party Girl

    I love bacon and guacamole on my burgers. I want it to be made with grass fed beef and preferably have a gluten free bun (or I skip the bun)

  • Ashley

    To me, a great burger starts with excellent meat from “happy cows” – this means grass fed and hormone-free! Top that off with some bacon from a “happy pig” – sprinkle on some mayo and garnish with lettuce, tomato, and dill pickle! I am drooling!! On a side note, my husband and I will be downtown this date for our FIRST date / overnight since having our son. We would LOVE to attend this event!

  • Angela Brett Johnson

    I’m never one to turn down any burger! I prefer my burgers juicy and medium. I love a good traditional one with extra sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle, and ketchup. I also love lamb burgers with feta and cucumbers and tzatiki sauce. And some roasted red peppers. Seriously, I’m not sure I could name just one.

  • Jessica Turner Strange

    A great burger starts with great quality meat, cooked medium well with a great char/crust on it (not boiled grey and left to “stay warm” i.e. over cook) on a grilled bun (that’s not white bread out of a bag). Toppings, I love a great cheddar and bacon burger with ketchup and lots of pickles. YUM!

  • TriciaMeyer

    I’m kind of a burger traditionalist, but I need to move outside of that. I love pickles! I also love bacon. But not pickles and bacon together. I like them juicy but without much (or any) pink inside. I know that the pink is supposed to make it taste better, so I usually just try to not look. I like a bit of char taste as well as opposed to burgers that are baked in some way.

  • Julie

    These burgers sound awesome!