Review: iCoffee by Remington

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Disclosure: I received an iCoffee by Remington brewer in order to provide you with an honest review of the product.

The iCoffee by Remington is the world’s first coffee maker with Steam Brew technology. It touts a rich, creamy cup of coffee with impossibly smooth taste.

John and I are both coffee drinkers and so we know a good cup of coffee when we taste one. We both like rich, bold flavors, but we are not married to one particular brand of coffee. Neither of us like flavored coffee (Panera’s Hazlenut coffee being my one and only exception). John adds half and half with sugar while I enjoy mine black for simplicity.

Once we received the iCoffee machine, we immediately brewed a pot. It was 5:35 pm. Didn’t we say we like coffee?

Review: iCoffee by Remington

Upon first look you won’t notice much different about the iCoffee machine. But look under the lid and you’ll find a mesh basket ready for your coffee grounds. This eliminates the need for coffee filters, which over time ads up to a lot of waste.

Now, the steam basket you see below shows wear of the 10 pots of coffee we’ve made in the iCoffee machine since receiving it. Hey, we drink a lot of coffee, and I don’t share products unless I use them frequently. We’ve used about 4 tablespoons of ground coffee when making a 12 cup pot.

Review: iCoffee by Remington

Unlike conventional drip coffee machines, french presses or single-serve makers, the iCoffee uses Steam Brew technology. The coffee is pre-steamed to unlock nutrition and flavor, then six hot water rotational jets further steam the coffee and stir it to release more flavor. You can see the steam through the window on the front of the iCoffee machine.

We did notice that the design of the iCoffee brewer makes it a lot easier to pour water into the container. We have had other coffee pots that spill all over the place and must have skipped the ergonomics check.

There’s also a secret that happens when you start the coffee and when it is ready. I won’t tell you what it is, but I think you’ll like the way it sounds…

How did the results match up to the technical specs? I can easily say the iCoffee brewer produced the best cup of coffee I’ve had out of a home kitchen appliance. The Steam Brew technology really helps produce a smooth, almost velvety cup of coffee. John and I are both happy to give the iCoffee a new home on our kitchen counter.

The iCoffee can be purchased for $169.99 from Sur La Table or many other retailers.

EDIT: I received feedback that I didn’t state if I would pay for the coffee maker or not. I do not believe it is my place to say that to you – you’re all smart people and can buy what you want based on your budget. It is a highly priced coffee maker. As two people who drink quite a lot of coffee and have struggled to find a coffee maker that we truly love, we would purchase this coffee maker because we pay more for products that are worth the money. 

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  • coffeedude

    I purchased a iCoffee a few months ago when it was first released. I had been aware of circulating grounds to release more flavor for some time and had regularly allowed my grounds to “bloom” during brewing in my standard drip coffee maker at work. When I saw the process that the iCoffee put the grounds through I thought, this will save me some tending time for my coffee! Great! When I first put the machine through it’s paces, I first noticed that there was an inordinate amount of grounds sediment in the brew. I’m normally not that picky about a ‘little’ sediment, but this was even too much for me. I attributed the sediment to the factory grind being inconsistent and the slight pressure that the steam brew puts on that inconsistent grind that forces the finer grind into the brew. I have yet to use a coarser grind in my machine to evaluate the quality of the brew. When I have had sufficient time, I’ll update this post and let the public know.

    • solidgoldeats

      Hey coffeedude, thanks for the comment! I, too, noticed sediment in the coffee pot, but I attributed it to learning how much coffee I was putting in the pot. I was putting too much in there – compared to my Cuisinart coffee pot, the iCoffee used about 4 tbsp and the Cuisinart used about 6. I have also made the mistake of taking a cup of coffee from the moment it brews a full cup, which definitely left me with the concentrated coffee flavor. Please do share your thoughts when you have more time to look into it!

  • Victor E. Sasson

    You don’t say whether you’d pay $169.99 for the coffee maker. You got it for free so your review doesn’t hold much water — or coffee, for that matter.

    • solidgoldeats

      Ouch, that hurts… not really. It doesn’t matter if I say I would pay for it or not.

      • Victor E. Sasson

        That doesn’t make sense. You sold out to Remington, if you can’t vouch for the coffee maker by saying you would pay retail for it. Frankly, I wouldn’t pay that much, and I’m waiting for when the product is discounted heavily.

        • solidgoldeats

          Well then you made up your mind without my input. If I didn’t like the product, I wouldn’t have written about it and I would have sent it back. Wow, I guess I sold out like every other blogger who writes about products that people sent them. If you were an actual avid reader of my blog you would have realized that I write about very few products on here. And guess what? I WOULD HAVE PAID FOR IT because I would pay any price for something that works great, as this does. Happy now? Stop trolling and move on.

  • Nicole

    Responding to your edit. I’ve had things I’ve purchased on sale for review that I wouldn’t pay full price for! I agree, we’re grownups and can decide if there’s room in our budget for a pricey coffee maker. And really, with all the 20% off coupons Sur La Table I get in my email you can get this coffee maker in particular cheaper.

  • Victor E. Sasson

    So you also censor comments you don’t like, I guess. And your last comment shows it just gets worse. If you don’t like a product, you should say so publicly, not just send it back.