Randall Beans Recipe: Three Bean Chicken Chili

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Three Bean Chicken Chili is a healthy alternative to a beef chili without sacrificing great flavor.

Three Bean Chicken Chili


Randall Beans has recently released a new 14 oz jar of beans, perfect for when you want to use multiple beans but don’t want to buy an entire 48 oz jar of them. Here I used the Dark Red Kidney Beans, Great Northern Beans and Pinto Beans to make a delicious chili.

Ground chicken always seems to get the pass over at the grocery store. It lacks flavor and can be very dry, but it is a perfect alternative to beef when you add it to chili. Ground chicken also has less fat than ground beef, so you’re doing your waistline a favor while you slurp down bowls of spicy chili.

Want the recipe? Head over to Randall Beans’ website!

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  • http://www.jennlisak.com/ Jenn Lisak

    Hey girl, have you tried this recipe? I tried two different ones over the past two weeks, and both came out tasting bland, even though I added additional spices and cheese. I have no problem making white chicken chili and it coming out great(delicious!), but I can’t see to find the right combo for a dark chili. I end up throwing it away since it’s so bland. Suggestions?

    • solidgoldeats

      You betcha! I created this recipe and can vouch for it. It’s based off of my Spicy Beef Chili. I promise you will not find this one bland.