Raised Beds Garden Update: In the ground

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Towards the end of May we finally decided to put our garden together. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to – May was particularly chilly this year, even with a day of frost that happened long after some people jumped the gun and put their plants in the ground. Haha, not us! We waited it out with our jackets and pants until it finally started to warm up.

Our plan was to resurrect the two raised beds we had last year. They’re both about 4×6, and luckily we could reuse them because we placed the boards in the garage for the winter. This alone saved us tons of cash and time.

We also purchased Miracle-Gro Growables – 18 seed pods delivered right to our door. Now that they are in the ground, they are growing at a pretty decent rate. Each pod has instructions on how far apart it needs to be placed from other plants.

Here’s a cute little sprout pushing it’s way out of the ground!


Last year we planted 2 jalapeno plants, and thanks to the drought and the heat, I was up to my arms in jalapenos. I just opened my last pint of pickled jalapenos from last year, so it’s time to start making more! We put in two plants again this year.

Unfortunately, the drought and heat weren’t great for the tomatoes. Out of the 15 plants (yes, 15), we had 10 tomatoes TOTAL. TEN. I was livid. Damn you, tomato plants, for leaving me with nothing to can in August. We planted 5 this year, thanks again to John’s parents for the seedlings from their garden, and hopefully (HOPEFULLY) we’ll have a better harvest.

Here’s how we arranged the beds:

Raised Bed #2


Raised Bed #1


Raised Beds


Close-up of one of the lettuce pods growing:


And of course, I have to give credit where credit is due.

John and Brandy

We planted marigolds in each bed, spread out throughout the rows of vegetables because we heard that they can help keep bugs away. And they’re pretty.


The back deck is home to containers of dill, basil and grapefruit mint.

Herbs on the Deck

I’ve already murdered one basil plant just for the basil dressing I made last week, but that’s okay, because I have three, and the murdered one is already coming back. You can never have enough basil, really.


While I didn’t get to plant the garlic, onions, potatoes or carrots I had hoped I would, I’ll just have to try for a third box next year. Every year we will get a little better at this! Between getting the plants, the soil and putting everything into the ground, it took a little less than two hours time.

I do have to share these photos of Dollar and Brandy, for without whom, we probably wouldn’t have worried about finding a house with such a fantastic backyard.


Some of you may know that Brandy had surgery on her right leg about two weeks ago. She had a 90% tear in her doggie-equivalent to an ACL and was limping and in pain. Since the surgery she hasn’t limped much and she seems to be doing really well. Poor girl still has to go in the crate with her cone while we’re gone so that she doesn’t lick her stitches, but overall she’s been great.



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  • Kalamity Kelli

    I love your dogs – they are adorable! The raised beds John made are fantastic! I wish we had sun in our backyard, when we could plant some stuff out there. can’t wait to see how they grow.

    • solidgoldeats

      They are my children!! We got really lucky with the sun, there’s a great afternoon cast of it into the backyard that the plants thrive on. I can’t wait to update you on their progress later!