New Year’s Giveaway: Two Williams-Sonoma Cookbooks

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Didn’t get the cookbooks you wanted for the holidays? Or are you like me and can’t possibly have enough cookbooks to browse through? I’ve got two Williams-Sonoma cookbooks to giveaway as we enter the new year!

The spirit of giving is still in the air for me, and I’ve decided to extend that beyond my friends and family to you lovely readers!

So what’s up for grabs? Two Williams-Sonoma cookbooks: Cooking from the Farmer’s Market and Weeknight Fresh + Fast.

Williams-Sonoma Cookbooks Giveaway

Cooking from the Farmer’s Market is segmented by vegetable or fruit variety, sharing recipes that make that piece of produce the highlight of the dish. There are tips on buying and storing your produce and best ways to work with the produce to get the best results.

Beautiful photos accompany every page, leaving your eyes just as full as your stomach is empty. Read these recipe titles and tell me they don’t make your mouth water:

Fried onion rings with aioli. Avocado, bacon and tomato tartines. Honeydew-Lime Ice Pops. Covering breakfast to dessert and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find recipes that make you fall in love with veggies all over again.

Cooking from the Farmer's Market Williams-Sonoma Cookbook Giveaway

Weeknight Fresh + Fast has the tagline simple, healthy meals for every night of the week, stating that it has 100 quick ideas for dinner tonight. This cookbook is categorized by seasons, highlighting the produce that you’ll typically find at that time of year.

Starting in Spring, dishes are light but flavorful. Mustard-peppercorn steak and arugula salad, chicken breasts with lentil-radish-mint salad, and asian-style chicken soup with baby bok choy were a few that caught my eye. Fall and winter dishes are my favorite since they’re hearty and often make leftovers, so the smoky black bean soup, turkey cutlets with mushrooms and marsala, and chicken with squash, turnips, and shiitakes all have me drooling on the pages. (Just kidding, I wouldn’t give you a book with drool on it).

Weeknight Fresh + Fast Williams-Sonoma Cookbook Giveaway

Think you want these two cookbooks? Here’s how:

Mandatory Entry – Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what produce you want to use more often! Then, click the Rafflecopter giveaway stating that you left a comment.

All other entries will then be opened up through Rafflecopter. Some options allow you to enter daily!

Giveaway closes at midnight on Friday, January 4, 2013. Open to US Residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I purchased these two cookbooks with no reimbursement from Williams-Sonoma. This giveaway is not affiliated with Williams-Sonoma and the views expressed in this post are my own.

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  • Jessica Turner Strange

    I would like to cook and eat eggplant more often (and try and convince my husband that it isn’t food that only the devil eats). :o)

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Try breaded, baked eggplant. Give it a crispy crust. Eggplant can be a slimy, terrifying thing.

  • Katie Killian Ottaviano

    I want to cook any vegetable that I think I can get my hubby to eat (that he won’t already willingly eat). There aren’t many, which is why I’m always on the lookout for new recipes!

    • Solid Gold Eats

      It’s about introducing it in small quantities, over a long period of time, and in many, many different ways. It may include drugging him with beer and or lovey eyes.

      • Katie Killian Ottaviano

        The beer might work. Eyes, probably not :-)

  • Victoria S.

    I want to start learning how to cook and enjoy kale…I’ve always been a bit scared of trying it!

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Let me know if you try kale chips. I did, once. Did not enjoy it.

  • Gianna


    • Solid Gold Eats

      Such a versatile vegetable that comes in many varieties!

  • Kathleen Slauzis

    I want to use more brussel sprouts, kale, and squashes.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      This girl LOVES brussel sprouts, more than I should admit. Love kale. Screw squash.

      • Kathleen Slauzis

        Screw Squash? wow.. strong squash opinion there. Lol

  • Brittani Hensel

    I never use squash, but I love it. And I’d love to use rhubarb in the winter. I have never cooked with rhubarb but am so anxious to try. Especially for the winter.. :)

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Where have you found rhubarb in winter? Or are you using a pickled rhubarb? In Indiana you’ll find it in early summer, but I’ve never seen it in winter. GIVE ME YOUR SECRETS.

      • Brittani Hensel

        I meant pickled rhubarb…. it just sounds awesome in the winter.

  • jen

    i would love to use pumpkin in a more creative manner. not just for dessert.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Ooh, fresh pumpkin has always intimidated me.

  • Joan O

    I love veggies and would love some recipes for some of the ones I’m not as familiar with cayote for one.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Never heard of that! I love branching out.

  • Louis

    I want to use asparagus more often.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Same here. Sadly, John does not like asparagus. I plan on finding some recipes that are great for the one-person diner.

  • Meryl

    I’d like to find more recipes using broccoli.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Mmm, broccoli. You know what I am inspired by? The garlic teriyaki broccoli from Cheeseburger in Paradise. Easy to make at home!

  • Katie Contests

    I’m having my gallbladder out… can’t wait to eat more fat! :D

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Good luck!

  • valerie


    • Solid Gold Eats


  • bn100


    • Solid Gold Eats

      Love eggplant!

  • karen

    I’d like to learn how to use more winter produce, like turnips, sunchokes, and such.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      The hardest vegetables, I believe.

  • Wade Wingler

    Do cookies count as produce? Seriously–I love radicchio and wished I had more ideas of how to use it. I mostly halve it and grill it with olive oil and garlic in the summer.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Ooh, I like that. I found a recipe for belgian endive that could probably be used with radicchio, will share soon.

  • Lindsey Lewis Weaver

    Currently obsessed with brussel sprouts and woul love to find new recipes so that I can cook them more often!

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Me too! I’ll have more recipes soon!

  • Elizabeth Hinds

    I want to consume more broccoli, avocado, and also more mushrooms. Yum!

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Ever tried fried avocado?

  • Samantha R.

    I would love to incorporate more leafy greens into my cooking.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Same here, in something other than salad!

  • latanya t

    more mushrooms

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Yum, love mushrooms!

  • Joan


    • Solid Gold Eats

      Popeye’s favorite!

  • Rachel Gray


    • Solid Gold Eats


  • Jill J

    I’d like to figure out how to use zucchini more often.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Great idea!

  • Casondra Smith

    Want to learn more about Kale!

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Yes! Kale!

  • Jules

    I would like to find more ways to prepare Kale so the hubby will eat it.

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Looks like I’m definitely going to have to add more kale recipes next year!

  • Kiki

    I want to try using more kale and just more fresh veggies in general!

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Yay for kale!

  • Nicole

    as a student, i’m always looking for quick healthy meals!

    • Solid Gold Eats

      Totally! You do NOT want to know what I ate as a student. Let’s just say I have had my fair share of Taco Bell for my lifetime.

  • Mlsppb

    I would like to use a variety of color for my dishes!

    • Solid Gold Eats

      What a great statement! Yes, color is so important. I need to work on this, too.

  • Daraya

    I would love to use asparagus more often!

  • Erin R.

    I want to learn to cook with Kale

  • mary fanara coleman

    I would love to use zucchini more often.

  • Zoopa Mome

    I’m always looking for quick healthy meals for my family! These would be great inspiration to use for fresh produce in the new year

  • Mari Ortiz de Zevallos

    I would love to use more sunchokes in my cooking, I always see them at restaurant and being used in their dishes for crunch, just have to go and actually buy them and make something with it.

  • deanna

    I need more green veggies

  • Diane Sallans

    I’d like to try brussel sprouts in some different ways

  • Lawrence Phillips

    I definitely need to find new ways of using all the asian greens whose names I still don’t know!

  • Debby

    Bok Choy

  • Dean Swanson

    I want to use brocolli more

  • Renee G

    I would like to use more kale.

  • JenniferB

    I want to use cauliflower more

  • susitravl

    I would like to use Brussel Sprouts more.

  • Sarah C

    I would like to use more spinach, possibly in some green smoothies

  • Carolsue Anderson

    I’d like to try new ways to use beets!