My Little Blue Kitchen

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My kitchen is very blue. The cabinet doors are an aztec blue and the tile floor is a faded, spotted teal tile. The walls are a light shade of blue. When I first saw the kitchen I definitely thought “Uh, can I do this?” because it was so unexpected that it really threw me off. The house was built sometime in the 1960s, so my first guess was that this was the original paint from someone who had crazy psychedelic parties back in the day. But then I was like “No way would the paint have lasted that long without being repainted.” Meaning, someone actually WANTED to paint the kitchen blue and chose to do so. That’s when I saw the aztec blue paint chip sitting delicately against the freshly painted blue cabinet door.

Later I would walk into a yellow living and dining room, a pink bathroom, two grey bedrooms and two purple outside-facing doors. It didn’t take long to grow on the color (and the real hardwood floors and fully-fenced backyard) before we filled out the application for the house. It’s taken a college dorm room, duplex apartment and apartment complex living situations before I finally got the whole house that I had wanted.

I bought a yellow valence curtain for the window in the kitchen to brighten up the color. It doesn’t make you not look at the kitchen and say “wow it is bright ass blue in here” because you totally will, but at least you’ll say “oh, what a  pretty yellow” instead of “why is your kitchen so bright and ridiculous?”

And then you’ll say “wow this is really good” because I will have given you a spoonful of ice cream that I made last night that is infused with Stone’s Russian Imperial Stout. Followed by “what? oh that’s not blue, is it? it looks great!”

It’s even hard to take pictures of because it makes the room feel so dark and tiny. I would still choose it over any plain white kitchen ever. This kitchen has pizzaz.



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