How to Mount and Hang a Neighborhoods of Indianapolis Naplab Poster

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For Christmas, my mom gave me the Neighborhoods of Indianapolis poster by Naplab. It is a black and white map of Indianapolis with the names of all the neighborhoods including a few outside I-465. Several local businesses have this poster on their walls and a few of my friends have one, too.

Yes my walls are yellow and I happen to think they are bitchin’.

How to Mount and Hang the Neighborhoods of Indianapolis Poster

It’s a beautiful poster. Ever since I moved to Indianapolis I have been curious about the neighborhoods and their culture. Each one is different from the other. John and I live in the Keystone-Monon neighborhood, which I learned the day after we moved into our neighborhood and someone placed a community association newsletter in our mailbox.

Dogpatch. Grace Tuxedo. Bacon Swamp.

I never knew these neighborhoods existed. That, or I didn’t put enough thought into them to think that every square foot of this city belongs to some neighborhood, whether the people living there know it or not.

The only reason why I hadn’t purchased the poster for myself already is because of one thing.

It’s size.

This poster is huge. Beautiful, but huge. At 46″ x 48″, which is not a standard frame size.

Curiously, the poster is only $40, so when I heard about how much people spent to frame it my chin hit the floor.

$200 and $300 for framing, they said. Since it is so large, the glass becomes heavy, which means you need to have it mounted on your wall correctly and that costs more money.

Some people hung it up with binder clips, sticky strips and/or nails, but as a renter I couldn’t risk the damage to any walls and I didn’t want to risk any damage to it. The art history major and museum intern in me knew that if I wanted to preserve it, I needed to pay to get it professionally framed, but how could I do it without spending a ton of money?

Enter: John.

I ask John to figure it out for my birthday present (February 2). Until then, the poster sat in its tube. I wouldn’t dare unroll it and try to get it back in there.

John asks the frame shop next to his workplace to see what they would frame it for. They had one of the posters framed and hanging in their shop, offered at $400. Instead they gave him a referral for Marbaugh Repographics off of 8th and Capitol. This place would mount the poster on a board and professionally trim it. They print blueprints and other architectural renderings, which means they had the printers and machines big enough to work with such a large poster.

$150.00 after tax was the quote. That included…

  • Mounting the poster onto Gator Board – much sturdier and more weather resistant than foam core board, though they do have that. The Gator Board is black.
  • A choice between a satin or glossy finish – I chose satin.
  • Optional trimming of the white border –  I left it on.
  • Pick up the next day
  • Neatly wrapped and protected finished poster for you to easily pick up and take home***

The result was an impeccably mounted poster onto a sturdy board. No bubbles or imperfections at all.

***BRING A LARGE VEHICLE. I squeezed this thing into my Subaru Forester.

After I decided where I wanted to hang it (in my living room), John figured out how to hang it. The advantage of this method for preserving your poster is that it is very light and easy to move, so it can hang on 3M-like stickies on the wall. John found these hooks that the poster can sit in and when reversed can hold the poster up at the top. We used three on bottom and three on top.

How to Mount and Hang the Neighborhoods of Indianapolis Poster

The total thickness of the Gator Board is 1/4 of an inch.

How to Mount and Hang the Neighborhoods of Indianapolis Poster


Now we can easily move the poster when we move out and it won’t damage the walls!

To those who have paid to frame it or would rather have it in a frame with glass, go for it. If you can do it, do it. It will look professional and you’ll be happy with it. But if you’re okay with a cheaper, lighter alternative, call up Marbaugh Repographics. They’ve mounted several of these posters and you won’t be disappointed!

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  • Nicole

    I cannot thank you enough for this. Ours has been sitting in its tube since I got one for my husband for Christmas.

    • jackola

      Same here! Couldn’t bring myself to spend $300 to frame it.

      • solidgoldeats

        At least my option is half of that haha!

    • solidgoldeats

      Awesome, glad this was helpful!

  • Ross Graham

    Ya know, I actually did go a step further. Had it framed, but only on board (no glass). I think it still ran me about $150ish. Was a cheapo frame, but had to be custom done.

    • solidgoldeats

      I agree on the frame front. I kind of wish I had one but it will probably take two more months to figure that next step out haha. You can get this cut with or without the white border so that might make a difference for some!

  • Julie

    Where did you find your hooks?

    • solidgoldeats

      They are very simple 3M hooks found at Lowes.

  • Ally

    Where did you find the poster? Or where did your mom find the poster?

    • Sara Croft

      HI Ally – the poster can be purchased at Silver in the City on Mass Ave in Indianapolis! I believe it is $40.00.