Maple Candied Bacon

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It’s not like I need to reinvent bacon. I mean, I will always, ALWAYS love bacon just the way it is. No need to change it. Sometimes, though, I like to experiment with bacon, and that’s where maple candied bacon comes in.

This holiday season has me all messed up. Despite the several days off work, I’ve been home to see family, cleaning up, doing mounds of never-ending dishes, and blogging for other projects like Doing Indy (check out the bacon in Indy post and the restaurant guide of atmosphere and ambience if you’re in Indianapolis!). Things have been hectic, and so when I saw this recipe for maple candied bacon and how easy it looked, I knew I had to give it a try.

After I did more dishes.

I’ve baked bacon before, and this really isn’t much different. Just one more step in between that will enhance the flavor of the bacon.

This is the perfect snack for a party with friends or a book club, anywhere you’ll be serving drinks and light appetizers. Crumble it up and put it in a dish or eat it whole on it’s own (I prefer the latter).

Holy freaking crap is this bacon good.

Maple Candied Bacon

This recipe originates from The Clever Carrot, so please visit her blog to see the full details. I’ll give you a short recap here.

5 ingredients make the sauce: Dijon mustard, Maple Grove Farms PURE Maple Syrup (NOT pancake syrup, if you use Aunt Jemima’s you should be slapped), brown sugar, salt and cayenne pepper.

Sound odd? Don’t let it be. The dijon, cayenne and salt balance the sweetness of the syrup and sugar.

Ingredients for Maple Candied Bacon

And some good quality bacon. Can’t forget that.


Mix all of the ingredients into a bowl.



Prepare a baking sheet by wrapping it in foil (for easy clean up) and sitting a baking rack on top.

Put each piece of bacon in the sauce, then place it on the baking wrap. I decided to only do 5 pieces and not a whole pound of bacon, as The Clever Carrot suggests. If you did want to bake a whole pound of bacon, I would suggest doubling the sauce recipe as I almost ran out just from these 5 pieces.

Maple Candied Bacon on baking sheet

Maple Candied Bacon on rack

Put these bad boys in the oven, and relax. It takes minutes to prepare the sauce, and only a few more to bake. You’ll want the bacon to be a bit brown and crispy so it’s not chewy, although really you can’t go wrong as long as the bacon isn’t raw.

The ends may get a bit burnt, but that’s ok. It’s so tasty, it doesn’t matter.

Maple Candied Bacon


Maple Candied Bacon


I hope you’re inspired to give this recipe a shot – just head over to The Clever Carrot!

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  • Kalamity Kelli

    Yes, I will try it for sure! They are selling Blue and Gold sausage, bacon, and chicken in 4-H right now and just yesterday I ordered several pounds of bacon so I will be saving this fabulous recipe for that because it is the best bacon you can buy here.

    • solidgoldeats

      You will love this! I also just found a recipe for beer candied bacon. Would love to try that, too.

      • Kalamity Kelli

        Hmmmm…………beer candied bacon – I just got back (last week) from the liquor store where I bought a variety of beers to cook with. I will look forward to that post as well

  • Anita at Hungry Couple

    A couple of years ago we stayed at a lovely B&B in Maine and they served this with breakfast. We practically licked the plate!!