Mac and Cheese, Beer and Bicycles – Supporting Bicycle Indiana

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Last night, John and I drove to Sun King Brewing to meet with Bicycle Indiana and pick up their new 2014 Resource Guides. My good friend Jessica Hall joined Bicycle Indiana as their Program Manager and she sent me a Facebook invite to their Monday evening event. It included my favorite keywords: mac and cheese, beer and bicycles.

Sun King Brewing hosts many nonprofit events in their tap room. They are a huge supporter of Indianapolis and the nonprofit community. It’s been amazing to watch their growth over the past few years and it’s even better that they give back.

John and I love our bikes. Right now, they’re stored away in the garage because it is so freaking cold outside, but the warmth is coming and when it does, we will be ready to ride. Last summer we were regulars on the Monon Trail because we live near it, though the Canal Tow Path that takes you through Rocky Ripple and behind the Indianapolis Museum of Art is also a favorite. Our bikes are nothing special, just two mountain bikes purchased off of Craig’s List. Eventually we will upgrade to something more reliable, but we don’t need anything special just yet.

Recently I published Biking the Streets, Greenways and Trails on Doing Indy, which tells you how to access trail maps and safety information for biking around town. The City of Indianapolis is really making strides in creating connector paths that will eventually allow you to bike throughout the city without ever leaving a trail.

Mac and Cheese, Beer and Bikes - Supporting Bicycle Indiana

The goal of the event was for Bicycle Indiana to unveil their new resource guides. We grabbed two copies, which included information about all of the bicycle races and events in Indiana, a comprehensive listing of trails, bicycle advocacy organizations and groups and other information pertinent to people who ride on two wheels.

And then there’s the macaroni and cheese.

Okay, it sounds silly unless you know what I’m talking about. Mac Genie is one of my favorite food trucks and the hardest to track down. Being one of the original food trucks in Indy, they always have the longest line at any event. Their macaroni and cheese is creamy and comes in a few varieties. So when I heard that Mac Genie would be at the event, I knew I had to be there.

Along with the macaroni and cheese came the beer – a portion of each pint purchase benefited Bicycle Indiana so we both ordered pints to wash our food down with.

We left the event with warm fuzzies from speaking with fellow bike riders, tummies full of beer and mac and cheese, our resource guides and a $25.00 membership to Bicycle Indiana. It’s not a huge donation of course, but it’s the best that we could do on our budget. I enjoy not only supporting our local nonprofits but my friends who dedicate their time and passion to doing GOOD in Indianapolis. I think that is very important.

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can get outside and ride – and share it with YOU!

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  • Jessica Hall

    You rock my socks, lady! Thank you for being there! Thank you for promoting AND recapping our event, and thanks for just being so all-around amazing! xoxo

    • solidgoldeats

      I appreciated your invite! Definitely let me know when the next event is!