Indy Winter Farmers Market, Chicken Stock and More Projects

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I’ve been busy, I promise. These photos speak the truth.

COSTCO came to work to solicit memberships, and I decided to buy one! For $55 a year, I received a $10 gift card and access to food in bulk. Woohoo! We went shopping at purchased root beer, chicken stock, and a green smoothie drink that we both really like.

Which means… a Friday night COSTCO trip was in order.
We roamed the spacious isles with no real agenda other than to see everything that was available. I like how they offer different varieties of foods I just couldn’t find anywhere else, such as refrigerated sides and whole meals, restaurant-brand items and the largest frozen section EVER.
At checkout, our cart included a case of Goose Island Root Beer, eight 32-ounce containers of chicken broth, a half-gallon of green juice (for John), and a three-pack of Panera soups.


Saturday was the first Indy Winter Farmers Market of the season. Hosted at the City Market, this is where you’ll be able to find fall and winter produce until it’s warm enough for the outdoor markets to pop back up.

I’m not going to share everything here because I blogged about it over at Doing Indy – head over there to check out all of the photos.

While I was at the market, I picked up fresh rosemary and thyme for turkey stock. Well, should I say what I THOUGHT was going to be turkey stock. I couldn’t find turkey legs at the grocery store, so I had to change my plans from turkey corn chowder to chicken corn chowder.

Saturday evening we drove to Greenwood where I was asked to judge a chili cookoff. This was no ordinary chili cookoff, though, because it was a group of homebrewers who also made beers with chilis in them.

Yes, chili beer.

From stouts with chipotle peppers to pale ales with habaneros, these brews smelled, tasted and even looked spicy. It was so much fun to be part of it. I along with one of the brewers of the new Union Brewing Company (scheduled to open in Carmel in a few weeks) and the owners of Sinking Ship, one of John and I’s favorite neighborhood bar and restaurants.

The chilis we ate were very good, although we really should have tasted the chili before the beer, for two reasons. One is because our stomaches were hungry and empty by the time we finished all 10 beers, and two is because the beer tasted different after eating various chilis.

Sunday means no day job, so my plan was to cook the turkey legs for a few hours. Then, I’d pull out the meat, chop it up, and strain the stock for use in the soup. This is exactly what I did – but with chicken. Here you can see the fresh chicken submerged in water with onions, carrots, rosemary, thyme and a whole head of garlic.

My faithful kitchen helpers. Just wanted to show them off.

On Sunday we traveled to Earth Fare in Noblesville so that I could order the Thanksgiving turkey. I met the farmer who is raising these all-natural birds that are fed a vegetarian diet, and sampled a piece that he had cooked in a brown sugar sauce. I’ll be able to pick it up the Wednesday before “the big day” so that I can brine it.

Right now there’s an apple pie in my refrigerator, waiting for me to put it in the oven. I also churned vanilla ice cream so we can enjoy root beer floats. We enjoyed our meatless meal, a baked potato with sweet and spicy brussel sprouts, and we’ll probably be eating pie at midnight.

Hopefully I can get more recipes up for you soon. It gets dark so soon now, and oftentimes my food projects go on way into the dark. Some photos just aren’t worth posting, and some recipes aren’t really completed yet. But you can expect a lot regarding Thanksgiving, my participation in the 2nd Annual Food Blogger Cookie Swap, and plenty of soups to warm you up while the temps drop!

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  • Kalamity Kelli

    Wow! You were a cookin’ fool this weekend! I know what you mean about the dark – it’s dark when I go to work and nearly dark when I get home so I have to cook it all – and fast – on the weekend so I can get partially decent pictures! We don’t have Costco in Oklahoma so I’m a little jealous – we do have Sam’s Club which is about the same I think. Luckily, my Son-in-law is one of the managers of ours here in town so he can get whatever we need – no discounts offered to employees – BUT I don’t have to get out of the house to get 50 pounds of potatoes either! :)

    • solidgoldeats

      I’ve definitely gotten into packing as much cooking into my weekend for the same reasons. COSTCO is just like a Sam’s Club, but probably a few different brands between them!

  • Pure_Geekery

    I bought the Goose Island Root Beer from Peapod. My husband loved it!