Getting Stronger: Unique Fitness Classes at The Dailey Method

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Getting Stronger: Unique Fitness Classes at The Daily Method Strength. I can feel it. My body is getting stronger, and while I may not see a huge change in my physical appearance, I can FEEL my muscles saying “You go, girl!”

Yes, that’s exactly what they’re saying.

I’ve been practicing yoga since the beginning of April, and I feel GREAT. Once I realized that I needed to spend time with my body like I do with my tastebuds, a whole new world of awareness opened up, and I love it.

Yet I wanted to try something different than my normal yoga routine. That’s when I heard about The Dailey Method in Broad Ripple.

The Daily Method is a unique combination of ballet barre work, core conditioning, muscle strengthening, yoga and orthopedic exercises. Sounds right up my alley. I was really intrigued by the ballet bare work. I practiced ballet for a little bit in high school (nothing serious), and I remember the awareness it brings to your body as you think about how your muscles help you stand up straight and build better posture.

I signed up for a Saturday class at 8:15AM. No, I’m not crazy. The 30 something other people in the class confirmed this.

The carpeted room is lined with a ballet bar all the way around and mirrors that start halfway up from the floor. I picked a spot against the wall, grabbed two 2-pound weights as directed and stretched while the class started filling up.

Wow, was it packed! Three rows of lovely ladies filled the room, which really just felt like I jumped into a new community of fitness-interested peeps. I was told that some classes are busier than others, and with an online check-in system all you need to do is talk to the front desk to find out how busy your next class is going to be. Some people may want smaller classes for more individualized instruction, and The Dailey Method promises that those classes are available.

Kelly, our instructor, turned on a Spotify playlist with great beats and uplifting music to get us going in the early hour. She wears a microphone since the class was so packed, which was helpful since I was new and needed to hear her prompts to know what to do.

We started out with a lot of planking, focusing heavily on strengthening our core more than arms. Kelly came over and adjusted me during the class, something I’m very comfortable with and definitely appreciate. When you try new exercises, it’s important that you practice them correctly so that you don’t injure yourself.

What’s even better is when an instructor complements poses with each other. For instance, moving from plank into child’s pose to release the tension in your lower back is very important for my crazy S-curved spine. Kelly also mentions modifications to poses if you need them, such as using a balled fist behind your neck to keep from straining, or putting your knees on the floor in plank if you need it. To me, this just encourages people to not over-work or injure themselves, and it shows that the instructor is teaching the class for each and every person.

Using the weights, we focused on our arms while holding our legs apart and bringing out bottoms parallel to the ground. As a newbie, this position was hard to hold, but Kelly gives prompts throughout the entire class, telling you how many seconds you’re holding it and counting down. She also often switched the music to match the mood of the poses.

The Dailey Method offers all the equipment you use in class, from the weights to cute orange mats and straps. While we were holding onto the bar and doing squats, Kelly went around and placed mats next to each one of us before we moved to the floor and needed to use them. There was such great flow, nothing felt awkward, which is saying something considering this was my very first class and workout experience with The Dailey Method.

I will say that, being a newbie, the only thing I did miss out on were the grippy socks that everyone was wearing. You can bring your own or purchase them for $10 from The Dailey Method. Do you need them? Yes – the carpet is a little slick, and the socks will help you hold your plank and downward dog poses much better. You may also want to wear workout pants or capris instead of shorts, unless you’re comfortable with your knees on the carpet.

Now, as I sit here on my couch watching Chopped with this laptop on my legs, I can still feel my abs, arms and legs working from the early AM class, and it feels great.

So, to sum it up for you, here’s what you can expect from taking a class at The Dailey Method:

  • Flexible class schedule, from early AM to late PM and weekends
  • A total body low-impact workout with pose modifications for every fitness level you’re at
  • An uplifting environment with great music
  • Dumbbells in various weights, mats and straps available at no extra charge
  • Locker room with changing area
  • Friendly staff and instructors

AND, there are cute fitness clothes available in the front area, so you can reward your hard work with a little shopping! If you’re interested in checking out The Dailey Method, visit their website today. Also, check out this video to see The Dailey Method workout in action:

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  • Nicole

    This looks like a ton of fun! It’s a bit far for me (and a tad expensive) but if they ever open a Fishers location I’d at least give it a shot!

    • solidgoldeats

      Thanks for reading! For me, I could see it as a way to change up my normal routine when I feel like I’m getting bored with yoga. Since I have a current commitment for an exercise routine, I can’t take on anything else at the moment, but I could definitely see myself going to a class once a month.

  • The Dailey Method

    We’re blushing! So happy to hear you enjoyed your class experience, Sara!

    • solidgoldeats

      Thanks for all you do, too!