Food Photography

Stuffed Jalapenos with Maple Bacon Kettle Brand Chips - Holiday Recipes with Kettle Brand Chips

Food photography is a large part of Solid Gold Eats. I’m a visual learner, so I prefer to show photos of the food I make alongside the recipes so people can see what a recipe is expected to produce.

My food photography has been accepted on food photography sites such as:


and foodgawker:

It has taken me a while to learn about food photography best practices. Just take a look at the first few recipes I ever posted and compare them to something from last week and you’ll see the difference that I’m talking about.

While I’m certainly not THE expert on food photography, I want to share what I know with you so that you can be a great food photographer, too. I will continue to update this page as I write on these topics, but here’s what I have for you so far:

Lighting – Trying to take a great photo of food at 8PM and wonder why it’s yellow and dark? This post outlines the lighting set up I use (Lowel Ego Lights) and reasons why I purchased it. It’s reasonably affordable and my photos are better than ever since I started using it.

CamerasIs a DSLR right for you? Here I outline things to think about when purchasing a camera for food photography.

Composition and Props (coming soon)

Editing and Watermarks (coming soon) 

3 Tips for Beginning Food Photographers – Helpful advice on camera settings and natural light, props and why it is important to look at other people’s photos of food.