Emeril’s Columbia Street Grinder

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Salami has got to be one of my top five foods. It’s constantly in our refrigerator, sliced very thin. Only recently have I really discovered how well it pairs with capicola. Emeril takes it one step further and adds mortadella and BAM! You have the holy trinity of deli meat for one serious sandwich.

I really enjoyed preparing this recipe. It’s a classier, kicked-up version of an Italian Night Club sub at Jimmy Johns, only everything in Emeril’s version is better!

This recipe was actually one of the first ones I made, but I’ve just now gotten around to posting it. At first I wasn’t very happy with my pictures – it’s difficult to get a good view of what’s in the sandwich unless you cut it in half, but I didn’t think about it at the time.

And then I ate it.

But, here’s the good thing – it’s really easy to make. There’s no cooking involved, just assembling of all the ingredients in between two slices of french bread.

The real kick comes from the sweet cherry peppers that you slice and add on top of the lettuce. At first I thought…

1) I had never bought sweet cherry peppers before, and

2) what would I do with all of them? A jar holds 12-15 and I didn’t need all of them for just the two of us.

You’re in luck – in his book, Kicked-Up Sandwiches, you’ll find a recipe for chili dogs in which you need 8 sweet cherry peppers. So now you can put some on your sandwich and feel confident that you’ll have a use for them later that week if you like. You could also make the chili, freeze it and eat it later.

Add provolone cheese, meats, lettuce, peppers, a few slices of onion and tomato and top it off with some homemade balsamic-herb vinaigrette. I actually drizzle a little over the sliced French bread to soften up the bread. Emeril’s recipe is easy and can be made from ingredients in your pantry: vinegar, mustard and garlic plus a few seasonings. He also suggests tossing the lettuce with the vinaigrette.

This week wraps up my participation in the Serious Sandwich Cookalong. Emeril and I have gotten pretty tight – he shared two of my blogs on his Facebook page, followed me on Twitter and opened my blog up to a great network of bloggers. I also got to ask Emeril one question, and here’s his answer:

ME: Have you noticed a rise or revitalization in pickling (and ultimately canning) and therefore decided to try out some recipes with these sandwiches, or have you included pickled foods in other recipes just as often? I was very excited to see this in Kicked-Up Sandwiches! 

EMERIL: You know, since my early days in the kitchen at my flagship namesake restaurant, Emeril’s, in New Orleans, I have enjoyed pickling things. I used to make pickled okra and pickled mirliton* in my early days. Pickles are an awesome condiment and can really provide the contrast and complement needed for a rich or fatty dish.

I was inspired to make Emeril’s pickled green onions – I had never heard of doing that and I’m definitely going to do it again. His book also features for pickled radishes and carrots. Pickling has been hitting the appetizer menus as an alternative to the heavier foods that can spoil your appetite (Thanks Tamre for this link).

I’ll have one more blog this week, but that doesn’t mean the Emeril love is over! Check out the Pinterest board to see what the other bloggers are sharing – we all have different tastes and styles!

*I had to look up what a mirliton is as I’m not a southerner. Wikipedia classifies it as a chayote (and it goes by a dozen other names), but is described as a mild, pear-shaped green vegetable of the gourd family. It’s often used in Cajun cooking.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Emeril Lagasse’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches in exchange for making several recipes and posting about them. All of the information I present is my opinion only unless otherwise stated.

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  • Kalamity Kelli

    You have totally convinced me – I put the book on my wish list for next months’ fun purchases! I just love sandwiches, especially during the hot hot summer so this will be used over and over.

    • solidgoldeats

      Yay!!! You will not be disappointed!

  • http://rhubarbandhoney.com/ Kimberly

    Umm, yeah … I think I need to make this one this weekend … it sound so easy, but so good! Great photo too!

    • solidgoldeats

      So easy but it will totally fill you up!

  • http://www.culicurious.com/ Addie K Martin

    gah, that sandwich looks great! You could also stuff those little peppers with goat cheese, wrap in bacon and deep fry! YUMMMMM :)

    • solidgoldeats

      Oooh, great idea!!

  • http://englishrecipess.edublogs.org/ lukman ahsan

    you sharing with us here delicious recipe…yummi…. zaiqa.com love this blog..