Coffee Bean Delivery with Moustache Coffee Club

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Have you ever opened the cabinet in the early hours of the morning only to grab the package of coffee and find you are completely out? Trust me, it is quite devastating. As a family who makes coffee at home before work, we rely on our delicious liquid gold to get us through the morning.

Coffee Bean Delivery with Moustache Coffee Club - Solid Gold Eats

Serious coffee drinkers may be labeled as pretentious due to the uplift of their nose when someone mentions Folgers or Seattle’s Best, two well-known national brands. Though aren’t we all seen as pretentious when we love something so much that we devote a portion of our lives to making it special? I’m probably seen as pretentious when it comes to food to some people, but in reality, I just really, really, really, really, really, really love food.

And when you really love something, you learn a lot about it. That’s how I’ve come to understand the differences between whole and pre-ground coffee beans, how they are roasted, when they were roasted and why sitting on a shelf in a grocery store for months means your coffee just doesn’t taste right.

That’s where Moustache Coffee Club comes in.

Fresh coffee beans are most likely not found at your corporate grocery store. But you knew that, just like you know your freshest produce isn’t there, either. You can visit a local roaster if one is near you, or you can order from Moustache Coffee Club, where the beans are shipped to your door each Monday.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up to receive coffee once a week, twice a month, or once a month.
  2. Coffee is shipped to your door in a cute little box along with information about the beans.
  3. You make coffee. And you like it.

Yes, it’s that simple. Here’s what my first shipment looked like:

Coffee Delivery with Moustache Coffee Club - Solid Gold Eats

But why are Moustache Coffee Club’s beans any different than the ones at the grocery store? It’s because they are roasted and shipped on the same day, making the beans only 4-5 days old when they arrive at your door and optimal for the perfect cup of coffee.

Moustache Coffee Club uses single-origin coffee beans, which means the quality is controlled by the location. Sourcing from the same place gets you the same results, so you know what to except each time your coffee arrives. Beans are lightly roasted as to not mess with the natural flavor of the coffee, typical of the heavier roasted (or almost burnt taste) of coffee from other places. You can read about each of their ethically harvested, local to LA coffee beans here:

Each coffee shipment comes with a flavor profile card that explains where you beans came from, who roasted them, how they were processed and what flavor you should expect. 

Coffee Bean Delivery with Moustache Coffee Club - Solid Gold Eats

Beans can be brewed in any method, from my iCoffee machine to a french press. If you’re looking for a recommendation, my friend Nicole at Pure Geekery wrote a great review of various coffee brewing methods.

Though you will need a grinder as these beans come whole. Don’t fret, grinders like mine (Amazon affiliate link) can be found for under $20 and last a long time. Once you grind beans for freshly brewed coffee, you won’t go back to the pre-ground stuff. You can read all about those facts on their FAQ page:

But there’s one question I haven’t answered yet. How did the coffee taste?

Velvety, not harsh or bitter. A smooth cup of drinkable coffee that even the most weary-to-coffee people would enjoy. It was a little surprising because our coffee machine tends to create a more bitter cup of coffee (fine for me, who takes their coffee black), but it was smooth and delicious. I ground 4 tablespoons on a course grind for our 12 cup coffee maker. It was everything a good cup of coffee should be.

We’ve had the coffee for 5 days now and have used only a portion of the beans that were sent to us. We tend to think we are heavy coffee drinkers, but one shipment a week might be more than what our family of 2 can handle. Luckily, you can cancel at any time or change plans if you think you are receiving too much or too little.

Check out Moustache Coffee Club on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what other fans are saying about this new subscription service and join today so you don’t have that dreaded “I’m out of coffee” feeling on Monday morning!

Disclosure: Moustache Coffee Club sent me this box to review for SGE. All thoughts, opinions, photos and coffee stains are my own.

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  • Ashlee Aleshire-Ash

    I just wanted to report in to let you know that I ordered the sample pack for Holt and I to try. We love coffee, and I think it will be nice to have something different, and so ridiculously fresh, to try! :)

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • solidgoldeats

      So glad you are trying it! Let me know what you think.

      • Ashlee Aleshire-Ash

        So we got our sample and it was … I think about four weeks old? That said, it was *fantastic*! I’ve currently got us signed up for the once a month since we don’t go through a ton of coffee (we only have a french press, and neither of us likes waking up before 7 … so it’s hard to drink coffee at home in the morning), but it was absolutely delicious. Thanks for the heads up!