On Being a Cook… At Home


Home cooks. Competition cooks. Personal chefs. Professional chefs. Television chefs. Restaurant chefs. Which one are you? Last week I had the pleasure of spending three days at Maple Leaf Farms in Leesburg, Indiana with people from all over the country who all share one thing in common – our love of food (specifically, our love […]

Brandy Surgery Update and Other Ramblings

Brandy Surgery Update and Other Ramblings - Solid Gold Eats

People have been asking about Brandy, our almost five-year-old pit bull boxer mix who had TTA surgery last Thursday. We’ve got one weekend down (the hardest part), but now the real work begins. John pointed out that Brandy seems to be better this time around with the second surgery, most likely because she now has […]

Saying Goodbye to the Ups and Downs of 2013

Saying Goodbye to the Ups and Downs of 2013 -- Solid Gold Eats

2013 was a mix of glorious moments and disappointing ones. Glorious in the sense that unexpected awesome things happened and disappointing in the sense that I wasn’t expecting the downfalls, couldn’t prepare for them, there-ain’t-anything-I-can-do-about-it-now experiences. I do not like to wallow in life’s disappointing moments, yet, as humans, it is natural. When I see […]

Catching a break, maybe.

Catching a break, maybe.

Well, well, well. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. Let me just tell you how things are going on the home front. This has been one expensive summer. It started with Brandy’s TTA surgery. Then it was about buying a new car. Now it’s about getting robbed and then later rear-ended in your brand […]

10 Things I Learned About Buying A New Car

10 Things I learned About Buying A New Car

Long story short, I had to buy a new car. Along with that came a new level of independence that I was only moderately ready for. While there are certainly some exciting things that come with buying a new car (new car smell, no dog hair on the seats, no drool on the windows….from dogs), […]

Want less, be more

Want less, be more

Want less, be more.  It sounds so simple, right? I found these words on the side of a gas station when I was airing up my bike tires. It fit with the moment, since I was about to embark on a ride to clear my head of the many thoughts that have been clouding it […]

One year later.

One Year Later - Solid Gold Eats

What’s in a year? Quite a lot, evidently. Back in June 2012 I was toying with the idea of a food blog. Thanks to support from friends and family, I decided to make it a reality. Why not? I love to cook and I love sharing what I make with people through social media, so […]

Family Night with Indiana’s Family of Farmers at Victory Field Ticket Giveaway #FarmsMatter

Panoramic Shot Victory Field

John and I have been to three Indianapolis Indians home games this season. I bought one of their branded cups because it had the season schedule on it. We went to our first game because John received tickets through his work. Sitting in the stadium seats, we watched the sun set over Victory Field and […]