Indy Food Swap + Strawberry Rhubarb Lambic Preserves

Strawberry Rhubarb Lambic Preserves - Solid Gold Eats

Earlier this month I signed up for the first Indy Food Swap of 2015. My friends have been food swappers since the first event in 2011, and I’ve known it existed, but I haven’t attended because either the timing wasn’t right or I contemplated too much over what to bring. This food swap was a bit of… 

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Tinker Coffee Co: The Buzz About Indianapolis’ Newest Coffee Roaster

Tinker Coffee Co: The Buzz About Indianapolis' Newest Coffee Roaster

Today’s article is about Tinker Coffee Co., a new specialty coffee roaster in Indianapolis that focuses on providing the finest specialty coffee from around the world and offering visitors an awesome educational experience. An in-the-know friend connected me to these two entrepreneurs, explaining how I just had to drop everything and schedule a coffee cupping. A wha?… 

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Holiday Gift Guide: I Love Indy 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: I Love Indy 2014 - Solid Gold Eats

When I type out the words “holiday gift guide,” visions of Oprah’s Favorite Things come to mind, like how people seem to have a mental breakdown on the show each time she gives away something. So maybe my gift guide won’t make you scream like this, but I do have something to giveaway that you… 

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How I Stole 20 Library Cookbooks (Aka A Holiday Gift List)

How I Stole 20 Library Cookbooks (Aka A Holiday Gift Guide) - Solid Gold Eats

This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on one of these links will not affect the price of your purchase, but a portion will be donated to the Solid Gold Eats sustaining fund. Okay, maybe the title of this piece is misleading. I did not actually steal these books, but at the discounted price they were… 

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11 Ways to Give Back in Indy this Thanksgiving

11 Ways to Give Back in Indy This Thanksgiving - Solid Gold Eats

UPDATED 11.14.14 Oh, Thanksgiving. A day in which we should be thankful for all of the things we have and people around us. Yet people often struggle to provide a meal for themselves or their families, making the holiday much less cheerful than it should be. While I’m not involved in holidays from a religious… 

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Where to Purchase a Fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving in the Indianapolis Area

Where to Purchase Fresh Turkeys for Thanksgiving in the Indianapolis Area - Solid Gold Eats

With only 16 days remaining until Thanksgiving, there are few precious days left to plan your meal. Frozen turkeys are available in grocery stores usually up until the holiday, but if you are interested in a farm fresh whole turkey or turkey breast, you should consider placing your order sooner rather than later. In my… 

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The County Road Leads to Shrimp: Exploring the Wenning Family Shrimp Harvest 2014

Shrimp Harvest Kid

How many times have you been to a shrimp harvest? Wait, let me ask this another way. For those of you who live in Indiana, how many times have you been to a shrimp harvest in Indiana? If your answer was zero, I’ll bet you also didn’t know there are 10 shrimp farms in Indiana! Yes,… 

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30 Minute Coma: Profile of Sun King and Solemn Oath Collaboration Beer + CANvitational Ticket Giveaway

Sun King Brewing and Solemn Oath Brewery - Image Courtesy Sun King's Instagram

CANvitational is back for its second year as the Midwest’s largest canned craft beer festival on Saturday, September 20 in downtown Indianapolis and I have the scoop on a new collaboration beer you do not want to miss. Presented by Sun King Brewing, CANvitational was created as a homage to craft beer in a can,… 

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Fighting Hunger with Indiana Pork + Giveaway (Sponsored)

Fighting Hunger with Indiana Pork + Giveaway (Sponsored)

Those who know me well know how excited I am for the Indiana State Fair, which runs August 1 – 17 just a few miles away from my home. The fair train runs through the parking lot at my work, giving me a reminder multiple times a day of why I enjoy August so much…. 

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In the Kitchen with Rocket 88 Doughnuts

Cutting Dough

Doughnuts have always fascinated me. It’s the scientific process of mixing a few simple ingredients together to create fluffy fried rounds of dough that is intriguing. How does it rise? How is this dough different from breads or biscuits? Lucky for me, my questions were about to be answered with a step-by-step tutorial that ended… 

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Second Annual Indy Burger Battle for Building Tomorrow

Second Annual Indy Burger Battle Benefitting Building Tomorrow - Solid Gold Eats

Burgers are John’s favorite food. Really, after all of the things I have cooked for him, the man could survive on eating a burger a day and be 100% satisfied with his life. I don’t know what it is about the way beef comes together in a patty that makes him swoon, but I know… 

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