Brandy Surgery Update and Other Ramblings

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People have been asking about Brandy, our almost five-year-old pit bull boxer mix who had TTA surgery last Thursday. We’ve got one weekend down (the hardest part), but now the real work begins.

John pointed out that Brandy seems to be better this time around with the second surgery, most likely because she now has a titanium knee to fall back on while the other one is in repair.

This means she wants to get off of the couch on her own, which she shouldn’t, so she’s under 99% constant supervision. Hey, I can’t take her with me to the bathroom…

Brandy Surgery Update and Other Ramblings - Solid Gold Eats

Nurse Dollar making sure the ice pack is in the right spot

She has five different medications and pain relievers to take for the next 8 weeks. Along with that are range of motion exercises performed 3 times a day followed by ice packs for 15 minutes to reduce swelling. She’s really bruised but that’s expected. They put TITANIUM up in there.

At night, she goes in the crate with her cone. It’s the only way we can assure that she won’t get up and down at night. The cone keeps her from getting to her stitches, which will come out one week from this Thursday.

We’re going through so much peanut butter (it’s the only way she takes her pills), and if she gets peanut butter then Dollar has to have peanut butter hashtag thisiswhytheyarefat.

Other than that, things are pretty darn OK around here. DesignHER Momma posted this on her site, which she found from another blogger, and I’m going to repeat it here as an easier way to explain what’s up in the SGE household.

appreciating that Brandy is happy, healthy and on the road to repair. And that we have found ways to afford to make this happen for her. It’s not the cone of shame when your parents paid thousands for that cone.

reading The Giver, because I never remember reading it in school and it’s going to be made into a movie soon. Hoping that my birthday is a showering of Kindle gift cards.

listening to a new Drum and Bass playlist that Yvonne put together when she came over on Saturday to give me an awesome homemade purple meditation shawl.

Brandy Surgery Update and Other Ramblings - Solid Gold Eats

tasting chocolate chip cookies, eggless pasta carbonara, Cincinnati chili… the list goes on.

learning how to be patient when others present challenges.

noticing that it is freaking cold outside and my lights/water/Internet/heat all works OK. Knock on wood…

anticipating my birthday dinner at 1913 Restaurant and my mom coming to town for birthday lunch.

working on everything Solid Gold Eats. The recipe archive is up – did you notice? It will be a work in progress.

helping make connections for projects coming my way that I’m not interested in. Can I make a living out of helping other people find jobs?

making Mexican chorizo.

taking life one day at a time. Sounds cliche, but I’ve been disgruntled after looking too far into the future, and with my birthday coming up, there’s no need to really push things along. Just BE.

watching I Love Lucy on Hulu Plus and Once Upon a Time on Netflix.

accepting that my shoulder hurts, and until I see a physical therapist it is probably going to continue to hurt. I’ve been laying off yoga until I can learn to modify poses like downward dog, which put too much pressure on my shoulder joint.

organizing my content calendar for the blog. It’s hard to get ahead when this is not my full time gig, so every moment is spent getting content up vs planning ahead. Yet even if it’s just scheduling the week out, I’ll have a record of each post and when it went out. 

planning for my busy season at work. Trying not to push myself too hard.

loving how supportive John has been by working overtime to help pay for Brandy’s surgery. 

buying nothing. Trying to do more with less.

finishing what? Is anything ever finished?

embracing the love of my family. And Dollar’s snoring.

daring to invest in myself.

What about you?

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  • Kitchen Kelli

    I’m so glad your puppy is doing better! I would do whatever needed to take care of our little Jack. I also love the rest of the post – great job!

    • solidgoldeats

      Aww, thanks Kelli! She is doing great. Almost TOO great for one week out of surgery!