Brandy 2014, Yellowstone 2015.

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Oh, the joys of life’s ups and downs, moments that make us smile and cry. Let me catch you up.

Brandy 2014, Yellowstone 2015 -- Solid Gold Eats

Yesterday, John and I took Brandy to Noah’s Animal Hospital for a wellness exam and so Dr. Leistner could check on her left leg. Last May, Brandy received TTA surgery on her right left due to a 90% tear in her ACL. It went great and she has been a healthy, happy pup ever since. That is, until last week.

Sometime last week, during snowpocalypse, Brandy tore her other ACL. The only way we knew something was wrong was by watching her limp and put very little pressure on her left leg. Brandy is tough. She rarely shows signs of pain. Imagine tearing your ACL and still have the desire to get off the couch and give me a welcome lick when I walk through the door. Well, kiss, or hug, or whatever. You get the picture. So with no signs from her, we took her in for a check up.

According to Dr. Leistner, about 50% of dogs who receive TTA surgery on one leg end up needing it on the other. It’s possible that when Brandy was out in the backyard and tried to chase after Dollar, she tore it. It’s possible that prior to her first surgery, she put too much pressure on it from relying on that leg that she stressed it out. We don’t know. All we DO know is that she needs surgery so she can get through this stage of her life. She deserves to run and play and jump like Dollar. She’s almost 5 years old and has lots of play time left.

Unfortunately, it comes with a $2,600 price tag and 8 long weeks of recovery. Brandy will need constant care and attention, including a sling under her belly so we can hold her up when she eats, drinks, potties, and walks aimlessly around the house like she does.

We can’t afford her surgery AND our scheduled trip to Yellowstone this summer. 

Brandy 2014, Yellowstone 2015 -- Solid Gold Eats


If you look hard at the above photo, you can see the scar on her right leg from her surgery in May.

I feel defeated. 2013 was rough enough, so to start 2014 off with this is hard. Strength is difficult when you feel as though you can’t keep up with the world around you. Of course we have scheduled her surgery and plan to get her all the care she needs. Noah’s Animal Hospital has free follow-up appointments (I believe there are at least 3), and if they need to do X-Rays, those are free, too.

This was the deal, right? If you own animals, you’re responsible for their care. This isn’t the second time we’ve dealt with a need for our dogs. Dollar has had his anal glands expressed (GROSS) which was a pretty penny, and Brandy had an upset tummy once that cost $700. If you have children, I’m sure you get this 10 times over.

Brandy and Dollar are our children. They’re our whole worlds.

Brandy 2014, Yellowstone 2015 -- Solid Gold Eats


If they aren’t healthy, I’m not happy. Brandy deserves the care. Dollar will get several new tennis balls so he doesn’t get jealous over all the attention she’ll be getting.

I’m terribly sad that we have to delay our trip to Yellowstone. We paid $344 in deposits for rooms and we’ll get all of that back per their reservation policy, so that helps, and I have money from the renter’s insurance claim for items we won’t be replacing that can be used (old computers). We were approved for the Care Credit card, which offers 6 months no interest. That equals about $450 in payments each month to pay the surgery off before the interest shows up, which is doable. Last time we were sitting on a much better savings bank and we could pay for the surgery in full, but due to all of life’s other challenges last year, we don’t have that anymore.

Things will be OK. They will. They always are. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings and thoughts, ones that aren’t as happy as I would like them to be. Writing helps me get it out. Once it’s here, it’s done, and I don’t need to dwell on it anymore. Hopefully my experiences are helpful to you in some way, maybe in knowing that others are struggling, too, and we’re all in this together. I’m looking forward to Brandy being pain-free and happy, and that’s more than what a trip to Yellowstone can offer me.

I can’t wait to see her happy again.

Brandy 2014, Yellowstone 2015 -- Solid Gold Eats

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  • Queen of Free

    Aw, I am so sorry friend. I know that your trip planning was such a source of joy. :/ But look at it this way, delaying it will make it more awesome, means more research & new places to explore. Having the patience to put off something you really want to do something you really need to do is a gift (even though the process completely blows). You will take that trip. You will also have one happy pup at home eventually. Hang in there.

    • solidgoldeats

      Thanks lady. You’re right, it gives me more time to enjoy the trip planning process. Things don’t have to be so immediate. Learning patience is a goal for 2014.