Spiced Peach Jam Bourbon Cocktails

Spiced Peach Jam and Bourbon Cocktails - Cinnamon, cloves and allspice mix with sweet peaches to create a warm bourbon drink!

You know that song “Kick out the Jams” by Rage Against the Machine? Countless times I turned that song on in my car with the volume all the way up, windows down, pretending to play drums on the steering wheel (at stoplights, of course). It was the anthem of teenage angst for many in the… 

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Sous Vide Salmon with Miso Marinade

Sous Vide Salmon with Miso Marinade - Solid Gold Eats

There are so many hidden messages in this post. Eat more salmon, it’s good for you. Vacuum sealing food is cool. You should invest in a sous vide machine, it’s more than just the hip new thing.  John ate this and he is quite the picky salmon eater so that’s a really good sign. Do… 

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The North American Whiskey Guide Book Review & Giveaway

La Marquita Cocktails and The North American Whiskey Guide Book Review & Giveaway - Solid Gold Eats

Last week John and I took part in the 4th Annual Bourbon and Whiskey Tasting at Crown Liquors in downtown Indianapolis. Our friend Melanie was celebrating her upcoming birthday and asked us to attend. How I had not known of this extravaganza before, I do not know, but I will not be missing it in… 

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The Geometry of Pasta Book Review

The Geometry of Pasta Book Review - Solid Gold Eats

From strong, bold lines to long and short curves, fresh and dried pasta is an edible tool for creative expression. Each form is unique to others, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of variations, each with their own story and sauce accompaniment. But where did all of these forms come from and for what purpose… 

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Dry Brining, Bourbon and Leftovers: A Turkey Story

Dry Brining, Bourbon and Leftovers: A Turkey Story - Solid Gold Eats

Walking through the grocery store during the week of Thanksgiving is quite interesting. With paper notes or tablets in hand, people are looking down as they walk in circles trying to find what they want in a store they likely do not visit often. What is it about Thanksgiving that brings people away from the… 

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12 Hour Green Beans and Ham

12 Hour Green Beans and Ham - Solid Gold Eats

This Thanksgiving was the first time I cooked the holiday dinner in my own kitchen. Our menu for two went something like this: turkey, gravy, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, buttered corn, rolls, cranberries, and green beans and ham. For two. Planning for this feast meant a few hours of identifying appropriate ingredients, shopping… 

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Adventures in Comfort Food Cookbook Giveaway

Adventures in Comfort Food Book Cookbook Giveaway - Solid Gold Eats

When you think of comfort food, what comes to mind first? Images of macaroni and cheese, meatloaf and mashed potatoes appear in my head (though not all on the same plate at the same time). When it comes to regions for comfort food, the midwest and southern parts of the US are the first two… 

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Holiday Gift Guide: I Love Indy 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: I Love Indy 2014 - Solid Gold Eats

When I type out the words “holiday gift guide,” visions of Oprah’s Favorite Things come to mind, like how people seem to have a mental breakdown on the show each time she gives away something. So maybe my gift guide won’t make you scream like this, but I do have something to giveaway that you… 

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Slow Cooker Vietnamese Pho

Slow Cooker Vietnamese Pho - Solid Gold Eats

Have you ever warmed your face over a steamy bowl of Vietnamese pho?  Sure, the word itself does not roll off the American tongue easily, but once you take your first slurp, you will continue to crave it like your grandma’s chicken noodle soup. Pho (pronounced “fuh”) is a Vietnamese soup with rice noodles, thinly… 

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Why I Prefer Stove Top Stuffing at Thanksgiving

Why I Prefer Stove Top Stuffing at Thanksgiving - Solid Gold Eats

When I was growing up, stuffing was synonymous with one brand. There really was no other kind of stuffing known to me. It was (and in some ways, still is) my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal. That brand is Stovetop. Patented in 1975 by General Foods with inventor Ruth Siems, it is likely that many of… 

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How to Spatchcock a Whole Duck

How to Spatchcock a Whole Duck - Solid Gold Eats

Have you heard of spatchcocking? With Thanksgiving coming up, the phrase is making the rounds on the Internet, showing off a way to cook a turkey in less time and create a more even cooking process. It can be done with a turkey, chicken or duck, so I decided to make the attempt and give… 

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JFK’s New England Fish Chowder

JFK's New England Fish Chowder - Solid Gold Eats

You might be reading that title with a puzzled look on your face. What does our 35th president have to do with a cream soup? Interestingly enough, I stumbled upon Bon Appetit’s article about this very subject last week. It was published on November 22, 2013 and commemorated 50 years since the assasination of John… 

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