5 Reasons to Attend CANvitational + Giveaway

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Is it beer thirty yet?

That’s the feeling I have due to anticipation of the inaugural CANvitational, a canned craft beer fest for the Midwest this Saturday, September 28 presented by Sun King Brewing. Set to showcase 30+ craft breweries from around the world who CAN, this event is sure to draw a crowd of can art enthusiasts and craft beer drinkers. I’m stoked because 20 of the breweries are not distributing in Indiana, so the chances that I’ll try something I may never try again until I visit that place is pretty darn cool. Avery Brewing Company is one of those – I can’t wait to try their beer at CANvitational and then again when John and I make our road trip out west next year.

Canned beer has been getting a lot of press lately, mostly because people are buying more canned beer than they are bottled beer. Though that hasn’t stopped several people from asking me “why cans?” when I’ve talked to them about this event. Why cans? I’m glad you asked!

5 Reasons to Attend CANvitational + Giveaway


Photo Credit to John Mattox at Classic Spirits ;)

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It’s not that you can’t recycle bottles (because you can), but aluminum can be recycled and back on the shelf within 60 days of you drinking a cold one. Now THAT is speedy recycling service.

2. Can art is gorgeous. Cans have more surface area than the labels on your bottle, so can art can be more decorative and provide you with more information about your beer. I have to give Sun King Brewing credit for creating beautiful cans from day one.

3. Glass not allowed? Cans to the rescue! After attending a few festivals and national parks, it becomes apparent that you can’t bring glass into these areas for safety reasons. You also can’t find glass bottles in sports arenas or public areas for the same reason. Now that craft breweries are embracing cans, it means you don’t have to jeopardize your taste buds with shitty beer just because glass is not allowed.

4. Who needs extra weight? Cans are lighter than bottles, making them easier to transport. Not that you don’t have the guns to carry the bottles, but why hold onto that extra weight if you don’t need it?

5. Dark is good, light is bad. Cans do not let in the light that bottles do, and we all know that light works against all of the wonderful things in your beer. When you buy beer and want to save it for another day, you don’t let it sit on your countertop or near a window. You put it in your basement, a cupboard, or any place where light and the elements will not get to it.

This event takes place on Georgia Street, the hip new outdoor spot for community events, and there will be food trucks available for you to nosh on when your belly reaches full beer capacity. General admission tickets are $50 and allow you to taste the 30+ brews from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM while Early Entry tickets are $75 and allow you to get in one hour early and also pick up a sweet t-shirt! I highly suggest that you purchase Early Entry tickets because it will not be as crowded and you’ll have more time to speak with the breweries about their delicious craft beer.

Have I convinced you yet? Or do you have other reasons to why you love canned beer? Think about that as I tell you that I’m giving away TWO general admission tickets to CANvitational! All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below – the blog comment is mandatory and all other options will boost your chances to win. I’ll pick one winner on Monday, September 23. GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED – THANK YOU FOR ENTERING!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided with tickets to the event in exchange for a blog post. But uh, I love beer, and you guys know that, so it’s obvious that all thoughts and opinions are my own here.

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  • redbeardmax

    I had no idea that canned beer can be recycled so quickly. Normally I’m a bottle guy, hence the big guns haha. I typically stick with canned Sun Kings, because they’re the easiest to get in Indiana. As an avid beer drinker, I’m getting pretty stoked for this event. Cannot wait to try out some new brews

  • http://puregeekery.net/ Nicole

    I love canned beer because it can go places glass can’t!

  • LeeAnn Barnard

    Love the idea of craft beer in cans, for all the reasons you mentioned. Would love to hit up the fest!

  • Tessa Lynn Barnard

    Canned beer is great in the summer for places like parks, pools, and lakes. I wish I knew of more beers that came in cans.

  • Tony Troxell

    It’s harder to get hit in the head with a can. Bottles hurt.

  • boatski

    No need to carry a bottle opener with cans!

  • Trena

    I’ve only ever had Sun King from a can, as far as craft beer goes. It would be awesome to try some others!

  • Amanda Spangler

    It’s so much easier to take cans instead of bottles and you can still recycle!

  • seaniemic

    (CAN)’t you tell I’m excited to attend this event! So instead of giving you a (CAN)ned response, I’ll just say O’Doyle rules and so does canned beer.


    I love canned craft beer because it’s delicious, I can take it places glass isn’t allowed (like tubing on the river!), and the cans are easy to recycle!

  • Emily Trimble

    Why do I love canned beer? Because it’s beer! Also really appreciate the creative design some brands have (think Resin or even locally, SunKing). Plus, I’ve been to a Brip fest, one at the State Fair, and now it’s time for downtown! :)

  • Tara Maggert

    This would be the best birthday present for this canned craft beer connoisseur!

  • Tim Ludden

    Whenever I drink can beer, it tastes fresher than the bottle.

  • Jenny Piland Cataldi

    Would LOVE to attend and so glad to see a fellow female loving can beer!!!

  • mamakerbear

    I love all the reasons you’ve posted! I find it’s easier to pack too, and gets colder faster. Plus for the longer festivals we use dry ice along with the regular ice, and you can’t do that with glass!

  • Joel Henard

    I’ve only ever had Sun King from a can, I would love to try others that are put in cans.

  • Cantastic

    I’m drawn to the artistic possibilities of can labels — used to collect beer cans as a kid. I’d like to attend this event to see a bunch of can art in one place. Oh yeah — and to drink some tasty brews : )

  • Mallory

    I love canned craft beer because you can take it anywhere – no pesky “no glass” rules apply!

  • Cameron Gillaspie

    It would not let me edit the text to write a comment about your blog above, so I will say something here. Cans serve so many purposes like candle holder, toilet, spittoon, shotgun, hockey puck, weird can shoes when you are a kid, metal art, etc and can easily be transported to the race track, concerts, park, pool, beach, bike ride, etc whilst preserving the taste of the beer! Hooray!

  • Michael Scisney

    I used to be a bottle/growler snob. Sun King has changed that, especially Wee Mac.

  • Holli

    I love beer. Beer in a can has an advantage because my very mature friends like to hit a beer bottle on top of my bottle to make it explode.

  • Jonathan McGuire

    Can beer is just a better product. Great taste, craft beer at the 500 track, a great medium for amazing logos, boosts business for Ball (an Indiana company), and who doesnt love tall boys?

  • Amy Stafford

    Hi Sara, Being transplanted Minnesotans, my husband and I are stoked to see Surly on the list of participating breweries. Indy is going to love their canned beers!

  • Suzanne Zaleski

    Canned beer is kind of like having your own mini keg. :-)

  • Travis Null

    It just seems so much more “crisp” than bottled beer.

  • Lauren

    I love how easy it is to transport! And it’s safer for outings like tailgates or sitting on the beach!

  • Chris

    I’ve yet to try canned craft beer, and hope to do so at the CANvitational.

  • Eric

    Looking forward to this, and super happy Cigar City from Tampa will be there. Visited their brewery in February and it was fantastic.

  • Bill McLin

    Love the creative names and labeling designs but really enjoy the cold chilled flavor that a can provides.

  • Sandra Hayim

    Me and husband are looking for our new favorite craft beers, so it’s gonna be awesome if we can get to go!!

  • Cory Michael

    it’s my anniversary…that’s the only way i will be able to convince my wife to go to this! :) Cheers.

  • Kristen

    this looks fun! i love trying different craft beers, so it would be fun to try some that aren’t available here.

  • Nikki

    I love canned craft beer because the canning really helps seal in the flavor and protect the delicious beer inside. It can also go so many places glass bottles cannot.

  • Nathan

    I can bring it to tailgates

  • Jess

    Can beer is great to take to the beach!

  • Denise

    it tastes good!

  • Vince

    Cowboys are less likely to break a can over my head in an old western classic bar fight.