41 Reasons Why I Love Living in SoBro

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John and I just renewed our lease for our lovely little home in SoBro, aka South Broad Ripple. To be more specific, we are in the Keystone-Monon neighborhood, a smaller subset of SoBro, which I recognize thanks to my Neighborhoods of Indianapolis poster AND the neighborhood newsletter that was kindly dropped in our mailbox the day after we moved in.

Sadly there is little information about SoBro on the web, but I did find one website (http://sobroindy.blogspot.com/) with an explanation of the boundaries:

Precise boundaries of the area are disputed, but generally: the northern boundary is Kessler Avenue, the western is (conservatively) Meridian St. or (wildly disputed) Butler University bordering the Rocky Ripple neighborhood. Southern boundary is (conservatively) 46th St. and (not so widely-disputed) 38th St. The Eastern boundary is Keystone Avenue or, perhaps, as far east as Allisonville Rd.

I tend to think along the same lines – East to Keystone, North to Kessler, West to College and South to 52nd. South of 52nd is really the State Fairgrounds neighborhood but hey, I’m not here to dispute…

To be clear, this post is not about hating on other neighborhoods, though in my head I do compare our current home to our experiences living near 86th and Michigan. We landed there when we moved to Indy mostly because the rent was cheap, the apartments were clean and we were OK with the area. After three years of being NW-siders, we found that we drove to Broad Ripple so often that we might as well live near the area that we play in.

Coming from a one bedroom apartment with a small upstairs balcony that held two adults and two 80-pound dogs, our new SoBro location came with two bedrooms, an unfinished basement, hardwood floors, a kitchen with windows, a fenced in backyard with French doors that lead out onto a deck, all for only a little more a month than what we were already paying. It made perfect sense for where we were with our lives and it was all an upgrade from where we came from.

So before you jump on me for loving my neighborhood more than yours, leave a comment telling me why you love YOUR neighborhood! Each one has it’s unique perks and quirks!

41 Reasons Why I Love Living in SoBro

1. There is more back yard space in SoBro than Broad Ripple, as houses are spaced out a little more, giving the dogs more room to play

2. It’s quiet, except for the sounds of Little League Baseball or dogs barking (in their backyards)

3. It’s quiet in that unless you live on 54th or 52nd, there’s little traffic noise and you aren’t bothered with the hustle and bustle of too many restaurants or bars in one spot

4. (It’s quiet, repeat and repeat)

5. The Indiana State Fair and fairgrounds are less than two miles south and easily accessible via the Monon Trail or by driving, which means I’ll have a short commute for Indy Fuel games and all of the other wonderful happenings at the fairgrounds

6. Close access to the Monon Trail, which is my main source of transportation in warm months and gets me to Broad Ripple or downtown quickly

41 Reasons Why I Love Living in SoBro - Solid Gold Eats

7. Brews and burgers at Twenty Tap or Fat Dan’s Deli cannot be beat

8. Locally Grown Gardens and Fresh Market offer accessible groceries that I can walk/bike to

9. Yats

10. More Yats

11. Always get more bread at Yats

12. My block is friendly and has started a crime watch group with the police department, which has helped us get to know each other more

13. Close approximatey to Glendale, which means I’m only a few miles from Target and the Glendale Library Branch

14. Landmark Theaters, also in Glendale, is hardly ever busy, even on opening nights (and quiet)

15. We can enjoy backyard cookouts with friends and family during warm months, which we couldn’t do in our previous apartment or in neighborhoods where the front yard is larger than the back yard

16. It is so dog friendly that 5 minutes doesn’t go by without seeing someone walking along the street with their pups, probably because of the back yards

41 Reasons Why I Love Living in SoBro - Solid Gold Eats

17.  My local post office is called Bacon Swamp. How cool is that?

18. Canterbury Park is always hoppin’ in the summer with sand volleyball and a playground right off of the Monon Trail

19. There’s a new brewery moving in behind Mama Carolla’s

20. But Upland’s tap room is only a hop, skip and a jump away

21. Mmmm beer.

22. There’s a balance of rental and owned properties, which provides a diverse mix of younger/older folks

23. Indy Hostel has so many concerts and entertainment options in the summer, along with yoga classes and conversations with people who have traveled to Indianapolis from all over

24. Free air for your bicycle on the Monon Trail at 52nd (though if you spot this elsewhere, please let me know!)

41 Reasons Why I Love Living in SoBro - Solid Gold Eats

25. I’m super duper close to the restaurant I frequent most in Indianapolis – Sahm’s Place

26. Grabbing vinyl at LUNA Music or VIBES Music before, during and after Record Store Day

27. Bicycle Exchange has refurbished and new bicycles and promotes bike safety in Indianapolis (and they’ll air up your tires in a jiffy for you)

28. Beautiful art along the Monon Trail, mostly through SoBro and a little south

29. Brunch at Good Morning Mama’s is a must, especially when you can sit outside

30. Houses are all so unique and full of character. My purple door stands amongst homes with bright colors and 50s/60s architecture. Each house looks different from the next.

31. The Mousetrap on Thursday nights for free electronic music with a crowd of regulars who greet you with hugs, beer and smiles (also jazz on Tuesdays, bluegrass and jam bands on the weekends, delicious pork tenderloins and their famous stew)

41 Reasons Why I Love Living in SoBro - Solid Gold Eats

32. Fried chicken at Mississippi Belle. It’s a must (but cash only).

33. Vegan and vegetarian fare at Taste Cafe and Marketplace or SoBro Cafe, both with patios

34. Bungalow style homes are perfect for John and I at this point in our lives. It’s just the right amount of space without feeling the need to fill it with “stuff.”

35. I’m just a quick bike ride away from Kincaid’s Meat Market, where I spend far too much money on duck breasts and other meat treats

41 Reasons Why I Love Living in SoBro - Solid Gold Eats

36. I can get downtown via the Subaru in less than 20 minutes by hopping onto Keystone and then Fall Creek.

37. Keystone Avenue is a street that moves people so much better than Michigan Avenue (thanks to three lanes both ways).

38. Mo and Johnny’s has us coffee fiends covered with their cozy coffee house and restaurant that’s open early and late.

39. The Speak Easy, a lovely co-working space, is often busy with events and happenings (and is also right off the Monon trail)

40. Newcomers Delicia and La Mulita bring spicy new vibes to the restaurant scene

41. Super easy access to the Broad Ripple Farmers Market, which starts Saturday, May 3!

Phew. Give me forever and I’ll come up with many more ideas, but this is just a small way for me to say thank you to the neighborhood I love so dearly. I really hope it encourages you to get out and explore your dwelling!

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  • http://www.upfromhere.net/ Ashlee Aleshire-Ash

    You really make a gal want to relocate, did you know? Lol. If you know of any places in your relative area for rent this coming fall, please please send them my way!

    • solidgoldeats

      Fo sho! I will let you know. They pop up all the time. Right now my block has 5 for sale but things change quickly.

  • robbyslaughter

    Hi neighbor!

    • solidgoldeats

      Hidey Ho!

  • http://SocialMediarology.com Jeremy A Williams

    I’m also from SoBro. Wonder who else lives in the area?

    • solidgoldeats

      A LOT of people do! Some are in the Meridian Kessler area or maybe more Broad Ripple, but trust me, there’s more than you would think!

      • Casey Jo Dickensheets Wiscons

        We are technically Meridian Kessler…but we love to live/play in MK & SoBro! 54th & College is our go-to corner for sure, a little something for everyone!

  • Kayla Hulen

    My boyfriend and I are looking at the SoBro area for a fall move…any tips for scoping out the best rentals?

    • solidgoldeats

      Drive on by and start looking! I don’t think many are posted online but there is ALWAYS something for rent over here. I’ll DM you when I see one next.

  • Brandon

    My wife and I are moving out to Indy in the Fall and are looking for a nice place in SoBro! Were excited! Let me know if you have any thoughts.

  • http://puregeekery.net/ Nicole

    I was looking at this post while writing a similar one about my part of town. I didn’t realize that Mousetrap had good food! Now I’m going to have to stop by!

    • solidgoldeats

      Yes! AND really good beer. Let’s do lunch or dinner!

  • Dawn Olsen

    When I first moved to Indianapolis, I lived in Herron-Morton. I loved it at the time; I was close to downtown and to work, and the neighborhood was beautiful to walk around. There weren’t very many food and drink establishments at the time, though. Since moving, however, the area has definitely grown: the Thirsty Scholar opened, and the Foundary, and Shoefly (and other things, I’m sure). And that’s just in two years! Right now, I live in Holy Rosary, which is just south of Fletcher Place. I’m a five-minute walk from Bluebeard and the Dugout. I’m ten minutes from Fountain Square. I’m two blocks from the Cultural Trail. (I bike to work every day, when the weather is warm.) I love its proximity to both Fountain Square and downtown, and love that the area is a community; we all know and recognize each other. Furthermore, it truly is a neighborhood of white picket fences. :)